Week #3 Challenge: Magical Artemisia [Join in & Win Hive!]

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Hey herbies! Want to earn HIVE for commenting and/or posting about medicinal plants? Welcome to the Herbal Engagement challenge!! Anyone can enter - even if you are new to the featured herb, and are just experimenting and discovering!!

Last week's featured herbs were lavender, kava kava and valerian. Sadly, we only got two valid entries for this challenge, but happily, both were fabulous! Don't miss @edprivat's post on smoking lavender here and @kyleana's post on oils, massage bars and repellents made with lavender. Both win a beneficary each on this post so vote away to support their fabulous efforts! Everyone who commented on the challenge post also won an upvote on their comment from us!

One of @edprivat's suggestions last week was for MUGWORT. I do suspect he might smoke it, but mugwort has some other uses too. In Europe, mugwort most often refers to the species Artemisia vulgaris. Wormwood is a type of mugwort - Artemisia absinthium. So whilst the thumbnail separates 'mugwort' and 'wormwood', what we're really looking to discuss here is anything 'artemisia' related!


Some ideas to discuss - in the comments or a post of your own!

  • A recipe - medicinal, nourishing, or otherwise
  • The history of the plant
  • Research and/or studies
  • How to grow
  • Your personal experiences with this plant/plants.

If you're copying information straight off the internet, we're not likely to reblog or upvote, and might even mute, so please don't be offended - just know we are much more interested in original content. You don't have to be an expert - you might just be contemplating this plant in your local environment, or responding to what you read.

Edprivat demonstrates the glory of lavender smoking

Don't be shy, herb lovers - join in the discussion circle and have fun!

Shamelessly tagging those who've expressed an interest, commented, or written about herbs on HIVE before: @senorcoconut, @edprivat, @deepresearch, @parauri, @gentleshaid, @trucklifefamily, @mamrita, @buckaroobaby, @kyleana, @opidia, @didivelikova, @jonyoudyer, @alexanderfarm, @stellify, @amy-goodrich, @ninasophia, @blackberryskunk, @auelitairene, @foxfireorchards, @riverflows, @artemislives, @binkprod. If you'd like to be added or removed from this list, please let us know in the comments!


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Thanks for tagging me name!!! Here in our Artemisian Sanctuary (a.k.a. Mugwort School of Rewilding and Natural Building) we love Artemis Vulgaris. Drinking it before bed, smoking it from time to time and sleeping under dried bushels we live Mugwort!!!

My best recipe for the tea, is simply steeping the herb for 10 minutes in local spring water cut with a splash of local maple syrup. Nothing like drinking a warm, tasty beverage made entirely of wild and local products.

I see everyone is upping their game hahaha 😆

A new discussion of interest, by the way I have read that the Artemisia is the same plant of San Juan, but please correct me. Anyway, what strikes me is how associated Artemisia is with mysticism, with magic. Well, that's as far as I go :( I have had no experience with it in any form directly, neither for health issues nor for other purposes :)

But I'm sure it must have been added in some ingredient of one of my natural products that I have previously consumed, as it has several positive health effects. I have heard of it and I think it is very sought after in my country Venezuela, especially in the popular markets. I have to document myself more and I appreciate this space to be able to talk openly.

A virtual hug ♥

I love learning too and discussion is awesome. Thanks so much for contributing xx

Thank you so much for the mention 🙏🙂
Here is my entry to the challenge

I guess I did write a post after all!!!

Here's mine:
Mugwort mugwort everywhere... We have to find something to do with it


Artemisia annua is probably one of the most efficacious plants in the treatment of malaria according to scientific consensus. It is also interesting to see that there might just be a potential to ameliorate some of the symptoms due to covid-19 infections. I wrote a little piece here for my entry:


The mugwort plant is also known by other names such as common wormwood, asensium, bitter mugwort, fire herb or St. John's plant (not to be confused with St. John's wort), and it is a plant with medicinal properties that has been used for a long time. thousands of years for the many benefits it offers.

I have loved reading everyone's entries, learning so much along the way.
here's mine .....

Last week was quite a busy one for me. I was able to dig up some information concerning Kava but could not make a post about it, unfortunately. This week's plant is something I am very interested in, a species of Artemesia to be specific. I will try to put pen to paper as soon as I can.

Looking forward to it. And you can still do the other one if you have chance it's never too late xx

Hmmmm am in, and I have writing on some natural herbal mixture and plant 🌷 on my blog but I will be participating in the challenge also @theherbalhive

Fabulous, please do!

Thank you very much 😊. These activities are excellent, medicinal plants are known more through the experiences of others, really practical ❤️

Mugwort 🤔 i will check that out in french


Oh i see !

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I could not ignore this contest. Mugwort keeps forcing itself into my life. I've got to try working with it!

Here's my entry to the challenge: