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I'm going to start off the conversation with a link to a podcast by Amber Magnolia Hill. She absolutely RAVES about this plant, and is a big fan of making the infused oil from wildcrafted/home cultivated plants, which inspired me to make my own. Awesome for nervous tension, muscle aches and pains, self care - it's really sweet and jammy! It's a lovely podcast and she talks a bit about it's energetics as well. Let me know if you listen - and enjoy!

I was talking about this with someone in our Discord last week, as we were talking about depression. I don't know how many times I've been so desperate I've gone to the doctors, and he's prescribed me some kind of prozac. Dumb really - I should just know to take SJW regularly or at least use it as a go to when I'm struggling. It takes a good month or so to kick in, as herbs work like that - slow and gentle, mostly. Then one day, I wake up and realise I've been fine for a while, and that life is brighter again. Stupidly, when I feel good, I stop taking it - but I shouldn't!


When the pain is gone we forgot the pain , it is human and somehow necessary to go into great feelings . When little down signs show up , it is time to take it again . Healing the shadows is no small work .

Will be giving this podcast a listen, thank you for your comment!

Well, I think you did well by stoping once you got well. Making it a routine activity might be tantamount to abuse. This is just my opinion derived from the knowledge of addiction/abuse.

Yes, I do need to study up more of long term of STJ but I think it's okay. I agree a break is a good idea!!