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Hello 🌿
I make face masks with that beauty 🙂

🌾White clay for the base
🦋Lemon HE
🦋Lavande HE
🦋Teatree oil HE
I mix those with some purified water
I leave it for 20 min
After i washed my face gently
And it helps for irritations , pimples and all types of bacterias
My mix Also clear the skin
As a Naturopath i have helped many people with it who suffer bad skin breakout .
Face , arms and back 🙂
Never mix too many ingredients , the magic lays in the perfect mix and connection
Same as permaculture .




I have been able to research that this infusion also helps to mitigate the symptoms of menopause so it is special for women.

Wonderful recipe to soothe the soul.

Indeed , great for menopause !

Fantastic! Perhaps you can share a post about it? This challenge was for St John's Wort.