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I used to make salve with St John's wort for my daughter. I have read that helps with skin conditions like dermatitis. She outgrew it already but I still make the salve. I use coconut oil as base and I add beeswax from our bees to fix the mixture 😊 the herbs - I add in the oil while it is heating (the oil is in small pot placed in bigger one filled with water, in bulgarian we call it water bath 😄 but not sure how this heating proccess is called in english). I always add calendula and st.john's wort, and few drops lavender oil in the salve. The whole family is using it and loving it. Thank you for this post, I love it ❤


Oh thanks so much for this recipe!!! I might try it as I have some extra oil!!! That sounds so lovely.. Yes it's a water bath in English too!!!