there is time till November...

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Hi, folks! ;)

Summer is ending, my birthday is coming... climate is settling down...
Those little greenies, although a little bit late...are camelizing themseves. Testing all lower branches (and little pop-corns) for potency and taste...
This one did a wonder ~ showed a hermie top and when I removed it turned out to be more eager to show feminine flowers...
That one especially loved the horizontal growth and the seed was a good one as of my higher re~membering :D
Yeah it has stretched itself in its childhood... with no decision for its gender... so here it is ~ recovered :P
There are some poor girls, hiding underneath the granny fig, catching a bit of sunlight till afternoon for some more western hotness :}}}

and alongside this sunny psy~soundtrack:
my newest san pedro ~ peruvian cacti babies are greeting you all! ;)

namaste ॐ


Damn that sure did tower up! Looking good, are those cacti fro cuts you rooted?

Oh actually, yes! two of the cuttings were from those ;)

Sure, There is time. As long as we are alive we got time and options.

Remember, Dust you are and dust you shall return.

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We're dreaming indeed...

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Yes, For real. We are dreaming and death wakes us up from the dream.😌

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