SkyBuds Organic Grow Room Series - Episode #25 - Cannabis & Crypto

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Strain Name: Grapefruit punch f2 / lemon drops / White Widow /Freakshow / Bmac / Durban Posion
Strain Type: Autoflower
Strain Breeder: @bifbeans & 7eastgenetics @jonyoudyer
Growing medium: Supersoil
Growing Ferts: EWC & Compost Tea & Top Dress

Update number 25, I love doing the show so far. DO you enjoy watching it? Well, the 1 of you that does on 3speak but hey it's all about us slowly building the cannabis community.

Still found some live thrips on the grapefruit punch. I am sure I can get them under control just might take a week or 2. I didn't add anything tonight as I was ready I should give the DE a couple of days to work.


White Widow

For such a small plant it is really starting to fatten up, I am wondering how big the flower can really get though but now that they stretched I am thinking time to lower the light agian.

Durban Poison

I am really shocked at this plant. It was really looking like it might not become a healthy plant. After 3 weeks and some TLC I managed to bring it back.


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ill def get a sprinkler like yours.. will make my life much easier. i wish i had space to get a big galoon and fill it with water lol.. i have to set my water from scratch every 3-4 days =[
1- get water from the tap
2 - let it sit in the sun for -24-48 hours(not even sure if thsi helps with Dechlorination)
3 - mix nuts
4 - set water PH

its a 15 liter bucket lol =[

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Yeah I love my 2 gallon sprayer. Use to use a small water can and it took an hour to water plants 🤣.

Idk if that helps I use RO water, My tap water is nasty and comes out at 8-8.5 ph 🤢. I also use rain water 2-3 times a week from spring to fall

I think letting tap water sit out helps a bit, You could also try to catch rain water but idk how it works with nutes

Thrips are such a pain! The way to get rid of them is to disrupt the life cycle. Which usually calls for 3-6 days of spraying in a row, but fuck even then, they still comeback lol

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Yeah man, I remember when I got them weeks ago it sucked and took contents pulling leaves and spraying.

Almost sucks having so many plants 🤣

Yeah it is a pain that's for sure. Last night I took out all my plants, and sprayed with Dr. Enzymes. It took about 2 and half hours, but having a good IPM regiment is crucial. The plants look so happy after a good spray.

Yeah your are right.

I am just scared to use anything that might ruin my soil, 🤔

Some times I see why organic sucks 🤣🤣