Skybuds Organic Grow Room : 5x5 #43

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Strain Name: Freakshow / skunk / hooch
Strain Type: Regular / Autoflower
Strain Breeder: 7eastgenetics
Growing medium: Supersoil
Growing Ferts: EWC & Compost Tea & Top Dress

What up canna peeps? Got a nice update coming on the 5x5.

The growth this week has just been insane. I have started to really get the room dialed in and it's starting to show.

With the 3 small plants, they are actually showing new growth daily in the fan leaves. The Freakshow of course is a slow-moving plant. It is going to be way behind when I flip but that's fine.

Low Stress Training

The dr greenspin is just getting too dam tall. I plan to cut some clones off this on the weekend and make a clone post. But that should stop some growth as well.

The skunk cheese is stretching more but hasn't started to fill out as I hoped. I am thinking it will start and go like crazy in the next couple of days.

The hooch sadly I think is a male but dam it is growing too nice. It has such tight nodes and a massive leaf structure.


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I know this plant. I come from Aceh. This plant is very fertile in my place and this leaf is very popular.

Still probably a little to early, or hard to tell, but I don't think that Hooch is a male. Love the green those leaves are spitting out, they are loving that soil!

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