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Have you been waiting for a garden community? I would like to introduce you to the new up-and-coming community.

The idea behind this new gardening community is to work on getting all the VEGETABLE & FLOWER gardening in one easy to view and find community.

I know we got many great places to post our gardening content to like @naturalmedicine and some other communities but what #hive doesn't have is a specific gardening community for vegetables and fruits.

Some of the goals for this community will be as follows and ever-changing.

  1. Safe friendly place for all new & old gardeners.
  2. Learn and share knowledge
  3. Build into a tribe, Slowly build a hive-engine token to build out tribe around.
  4. Learn and share all types of different ways to garden.

I am looking to team up and work with some of the awesome gardening content bloggers and work with a couple of mods.


I am wanting to get some logos and banners for #hivegarden. This is a sneak peek but the idea will be to have a post and offer some prizes for Banners, Dividers, Circle logos.

If you are interested in working with me on this project please find me on discord SkyBuds420#1898. You can also find the very new discord.

I will be of course checking the tag and community daily but I also plan to add a curation account to allow me to vote on other #garden #gardenjournal #grow-log and many of the other tags.


Now you're just awesome! lol I'll definitely be contributing! I'll be joining you on Discord!

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After a few days without much desire to post or connect, I have come back and having seen your announcement @Skylinebuds. Great news, that cheered me up. I hope to post more often as soon as the works on my terrace are finished, which have finally started.

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Awesome can't wait to see you come join and post your garden.

Hoping to get some contest going to draw more people over

Maybe something small like an on going weekly Gardening Journal to be featured in a weekly newsletter.

I'll be attentive.

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Wowwww.... the kind of community that i always looked for. Just yesterday i shared a post about some of the exotic fruits that i have grown in my fruit forest. In the coming days i would love to share about my fruit forest in this community. Great initiative buddy. Just 2 weeks ago some of the fruits from my yard was harvested. I have already posted some of these photos in hive but i thought it will be an amazing image for my introduction here in this community.


This looks like it will be a cool community- excited to see what it grows into and I am sure I'll be using the community tag in future!



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Thats right!

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Can't wait to try and get this active and thriving 😀

Yay so excited for this community!!