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RE: Blueberry Trim Day - Massive Nugs

in HiveGarden8 days ago

awesome buds !!

i ALWAYS forget to leave it 48hrs in the dark. it was nice reading this right before i flush my last banana to harvest.

ill start cut these small branches aswell, all i get is some shit popcorns from it.

and.. yes every one who enjoy cannabis should grow your own, you will only understand how satisfying it is when you are doing it.

again. beautiful buds, i wish i could try one of these =D


Thanks. The 48hrs of darkness has been huge for my recent harvests, so I make sure to do it. The last couple months have been a big learning experience for me on how to increase my yield and trimming off lower branches has really helped. With the new plants I am growing, I will be cutting the main stem after it has about 6 branches showing, so I can force the plant to spread out sideways more and the remaining branches will be as big as the main cola on other plants.