Mini Outdoor Update

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What's good fellow gardeners! So I am quite suprised on how these Auto Flowers rebounded after a mistake of making a fairly strong solution of Doctor Enzymes, and had the sun bun a good part of the plant. The are not the prettiest sights, but for something that is just for fun, Ill take it.

This is the Crystal Candy that was gifted to me from @loonatic. I managed to get 3 out of 4 seeds to grow. There is no mention on the pack if these are fem, so I will assume these are reg. All 3 are females.

This is one of my creations, BMX. It is a back cross of Mac and Cheese x (Banana Punch X Mac and Cheese). I had no room in my tent, so I am going to do a light depravation technique to begin flowering. I will be experimenting with my compost to see how these plants respond. Better test it out, before I decide to use it on my bread and butter crop, which is the tent. My only fear for these is we get another fire, and experience smoky skies like we did last summer. Which there one already, but it is fairly small, and a little further down the coast.






Nice recovery!


They will love the compost, it has rotted for a good year now, should be full of organic goodness. Only issue for indoor crops is the living things that come along with it! Worms, flies, beetles, gnats, spiders, centipedes, mites, earwigs, etc etc etc. Diatomaceous earth is great but if you bring in a zoo, who knows what could happen! For outdoor plants not much beats good compost.
BTW I have an outdoor plant for the first time. Well, I've done a greenhouse before, but this is the first in an open garden. It's in the back yard where nobody will see it, unless they're at a very specific point on the sidewalk, and looking at the right angle, with good eyesight. But if my tomatoes grow up a little, they'll hide it, I think. Then again, dude, it's growing pretty quick. They really like it outside, eh? Gonna be 105F this week though, not sure how it's going to do. I'll just keep it watered and hope for the best. Same with the matoes! You having a heat wave too?

Right on! And I gave them a compost tea snd they loved it! Going to make a batch for the indoor ones soon. And we are getting temps in the high 70’s where I am, which is hot. A few miles over the mountain, it is in there hundreds! Living on the coast has its benefits:)

Yeah the coast is nice! I like the temperate conditions. Vancouver was good for that too. Now I'm inland a few hours, but at least it's a dry heat here.
Compost tea is great for indoor because it doesn't usually bring in a lot of bugs. Maybe a few eggs that hatch but some DE will take care of that.

Lets hope theye grow good in the Cali sun🎍

only problem is i have my building blocking most of it! There is a dude around the corner from me, and his a little patch on his hill, and there already about 4 feet! Oh well, I am going to have a nice harvest of indoor very soon ;)