Micro Update On My Indoor Cannabis Garden

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Whats good fellow WeedNerds, and Garden Nerds! Day 8 of flower and not to much to report. My only issue is it is getting to hot. Simple fix, but not exactly. I’ll be surveying my options, which is to cut a hole into the ceiling, or move tent close to window, which honestly is something I do not want to do.

This is something I need to take care ASAP, or I will not be able to crank the power to a 11. Otherwise I’ll be having a shit harvest. Stay tuned for more garden adventures, and see if I can get to volume 11;)




Mine was overheating too but it was my filter being stupid. Once I got that fixed, I was good. Is the whole room you have it in getting hot or just inside the tent? I’ve left my tent open with a larger fan blowing things around when I needed to and that seemed to help.

Yeah its just the room, and it gets to hot for us. Really wish I did have a whole room dedicated to this, its surprising that my wife even lets me have it in our room.

Dude, all that equipment and you still don't have temperature control? What the hell!
What do you notice when the temperature gets too high?
Does indoor cannabis need to be a lot cooler than outdoor? I know outdoor can survive in 115 degree heat with no problem, and in fact likes it....

I have temp control, but it gets to hot for us in the apt upstairs. Should of stated that. Ideally cannabis should be at 70-80 degrees for the best terps.

Ya, I like to keep mine near 75. That is why I had to move my grow tent down in the basement.

Yeah once I start to move the exhausted air outside of the apt ,it will be very ideal. Unless i convince the wife to get an AC, lol. But really that would be such a waste, but it would defiantly elevated my grow to another level.

I mean sufficient temp control. Like, enough to keep your plants at the right temperature, even when it gets cold or hot outside. I know you've got temp control. Just apparently not enough of it :)

Just need to exhaust the tent air outside of the apartment, so my wife, and kids wont complain ;)

That would reduce humidity, and temperature, and smell, I assume!
But can be a little tricky. Can't exactly cut a hole in the wall.
How would you do it?

Well i have a charcoal filter, and smell is taken care of. What i will do is cut a hole into the ceiling, and pump it into the crawl space.

Heheh, that could work! Does the crawl space have soffets/vents to allow air and moisture to escape to outside? That would be ideal I think. Just trickles out through little slats under the roofline.
Or maybe use one of those hoses and attachments for windows that come with AC units? Vent out a window as though you're venting regular AC exhaust.

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