Crystal Candy Auto Flower Macro Shots

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Hello fellow Weed Nerds! I got something that any Weed Nerd will love, Macro shots of Trichcomes!!! This is the Crystal Candy Auto Flowers that where gifted to me by @loonatic, who lives a half a world away. He has said this is some of his most favorite smoke. So when I smoke some, it will be like we are smoking together. Yeah pretty cheesie, but hey haters going to hate ;0

A few hairs from the dog next door, but nothing major. I will cut any day now, no later then Wed. We are going to have another sunny day tomorrow, so I will let them hang just a tag bit longer. Thanks again Loona!





Those are ready... cut em down.. mail the finished product to me lol

lol, yeah i found a small spot of bud rot, so i chopped. Growing outdoors is such a bitch

Those micro shots are great! they look like some crazy mutated sundew plant!

haha thanks!

Dam great photos, What did you use to take them?

I have this clip on lens that i got for 6$!

Nice find

theye look very nice

Thank you. Can not wait to smoke them, they are smelling my whole house like a candy shop, haha

Dam great photos, What did you use to take them?

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