(Banana Punch x Mac & Cheese) x Mac and Cheese F2

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What's up Weed Nerds! Time for a micro blog before I am off. Here is my All star cross that is currently outside. I have decided I would get some practice with my Super Cropping Skills, which is always fun to do! Bending, and snapping branches is almost like coloring, so stress relieving.

These Supper Croppers can be found here. Still undecided on what I will do with this plant. I would just gift it, but I have a felling that this will be a winner. To be Cont................






Going to be delicious I bet.

Yeah it’s a fruity and floral strain, and this one is showing some strong traits of vigorous growth, and strong stems.

I have some soil grown organic Banana Punch right now, about a qp left lol its one of my favorites from lockdown and the only new strain I really found worth buying in bulk

Oh yeah? Damn dude I’ll be happy to send you some seeds. I’m more of an Og kush person, but for fruity lovers this is a strain I know people would fall in love with.

OG kush is appreciated too, the BP I have here is also sativa dominant from what I can gather, I could send you a Hive TX with my mailing address encrypted in the memo field lol

Yea that would be be cool. Never done that before. Would be a cool testament to the chain. Also this Big Mack is also sativa dominant. It’s fun to grow

This looks so cool and fresh @picyoudyer

Thank you Toby!

Mmm gonna be delicious like this slice of !PIZZA

@picyoudyer! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @dajokawild.

Did you know PIZZA team has a curation trail with 29 followers? (3/20)

Thank you!

Very nice, bulky. So, these are the seeds I got?

what you got is a f2 of the banana punch x mac and cheese. I am planning to hopefully pollinate this one, and see what I end up with, and then search for a nice female, and male to further the line.