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RE: Tent Update

in HiveGarden3 months ago

Looking very nice. Thanks for the shout out. The JB Kush Cake was the highest in THC at 37%. Cant wait to see you grow it, so we can compaired our grows and tighten the notches.


37%! Damn I bet there able to keep humidity spot on 40% the last two weeks, and keeping the temps relatively cool. I really wish I could have a whole room with the works. But yeah dude should be fun! To bad we where not doing it at the same time, but still growing the same strain in different cycles is always fun! Thanks again

Yea, its like seeing the future. I just got a dehumidifier. My AC is going crazy with cold humid air. It's hard to keep things consistent without all the commercial products. Tent environment can change in a blink of an eye.

Yeah that’s the truth! At least we both live where the weather is consistent. Although up here it’s a lot cooler, but with that comes humidity.