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What's up Weed Nerds! So things are starting to come together in my 4x4 tent setup. I could not be any happier at this stage. Especially considering last round my plants where dying from the low humidity at this stage. Growing cannabis has a huge learning curve, and you will get curve balls thrown at you. So that means you will strike out, but with practice, and determination you will get hits, which can lead to RBI's. Maybe even get a few home runs, but just as baseball has 9 innings, growing indoor cannabis has a few months to get that win. This round of growing Im aiming for the fences!

My tent is a 4x4 tent, and I have a 390 CFM inline fan, along with tow oscillating fans on the left, and right sides. In addition to these I also have 2 humidifiers to maintain humidity in the 60% range during VEG with the help of an Inkbird controller. Currently I am utilizing a 20/4 light cycle with a 600 watt Kingbright bar style LED that has the LM301h Samsung Diodes, along with Cree Xp-e2 660nm Uv Ir diodes. This will be my first grow cycle using this light all the way through, since I got this light half way in flower last round.



  • Banana Punch x Mac and Cheese F1
  • 2 Banana Punch x Mac and Cheese F2, AKA The Big Mack
  • 2 phenos of Dirty Little Secret from Exotic Genetix
  • 2 phenos of Rainbow Chip from Exotic Genetix
  • 3 pheonos of Helena X PBB from @bifbeans
  • 1 Silvermac
  • All are photo periods


Recently I lollipopped, and did some Supercropping. Then did a good spray with Dr. Enzymes, which is some great stuff, hit that link to get yourself a free sample. It is very important to have a good IPM regiment. Plants left unchecked are a ticking time bomb, especially if you have a packed house. I still have not gave these gals a NPK feeding. Only have game them Cal/Mag, due to using RO water, and a couple Rhizo blasts. However, I did feed these lady's some Mono Silica the other day. I am in awe of this stuff, can you believe that all it took to feed the whole tent was .1ML!

Helena X PBB

So one thing that I am contemplating, is setting up the trellis for a SCROG. I know it will be a pain, but worth it. Especially if I keep up with the IPM regiment before I get into the flower stage, which will be very soon. I suppose aiming for the fences will call for a SCROG. After all, I have the proper light to give these gals in every inch of the tent.

The Big Mack F2

There is the SilverMac, which is a plant I am loving! Going to be leaning heavy towards the Sativa side of life. Even in this stage, handling, and bending those braches lets off a woody smell. It actually reminds me so much of the Silver Haze. Hopefully the Mac and Cheese brings out the THC, and by THC I mean Delta9, ;)

The deformity is still rocking! A testament to how well this round is going, knock on wood

Rainbow Chip

I still have a ways to go, and by no means do I think this will be a easy ride. Execution is key, and staying on top of this tent is a must. Great thing that I work right down the road, so that way I can check up on these gals during the day. Before work, and then when I get off of work. Obsessed? Not even. It’s just what you have to do to grow good herbs. Am I there yet? Nope. But I like to think I am on my way! All while sharing it with you all here on the chain, and even making crypto while I do it. Does it get any better then that? I think not :)




Dude.... nice work!

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Your tent looks so good.

Thanks bro!

They look strong and very healthy, awesome.
Best of luck.

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Thanks bro, and let’s just hope I can get the heat under control once I have to turn up my light 100%. It’s not to bad, but I just need to pump the air outside

A cool deformity, I wonder how it happened.

That would be a cool question to have answered. I wonder if this will carry over to the flowers? We will find out soon!

As long as it wasn't caused by 5G or something, we're good! :P

Wow Man your tent is wicked looking.

It is so stuffed 🤣 How you gonna flower that 😃

Oh dude easy, flip to a 12/12 lol. Still debating on a SCROG , but honestly o think maybe I should hit a few more times with the Silica and I’ll be good to go.