Harvesting winter lettuce seeds / Cosechando semillas de lechuga de invierno

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Greetings, hivegardeners,

This is my first post in this community, but not my last. I love to plant my own vegetables. The latest has been to try potatoes. I'll let you know. So far they are doing very well. Well, anyway, today I have been collecting winter lettuce seeds.

Saludos, "hivegardeners",

Éste es mi primer post en esta comunidad, pero no el último. Me encanta plantar mis propios vegetales. Lo último ha sido probar con patatas. Ya os contaré. De momento van muy bien. Bueno, a lo que vamos, hoy he estado recolectando semillas de lechuga de invierno.


They are very easy to grow. Sun and water, exactly the same as summer lettuce, but with the temperature of the season.

Son muy fáciles de cultivar. Sol y agua, exactamente igual que las lechugas de verano, pero con la temperatura propia de la estación.


As you can see, it is not necessary to have a lot of land to grow.

Como podéis comprobar, no es necesario que se disponga de gran cantidad de terreno para cultivar.



At the end of the season, you leave some specimens to collect seeds and you ensure the harvest for the next season.

Al final de la temporada, dejáis unos ejemplares para recoger semillas y os aseguráis la cosecha para la siguiente temporada.










Thanks for your time / Gracias por tu tiempo

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Nice job, do you do this with many plants? or mainly greens?

Lots of them: Parsley, peppers and 'pimientos de Padrón' (a variety of ball peppers from Galicia, in Northwest of Spain), lettuces, potatoes, basil, cannabis, strawberries, ñora (a red, round pepper which is dried in the sun), marigolds, amaranth

This is such a good idea, I have been planning to do this with some lettuce and greens this year.

Thanks for sharing now I know how to do this with saving the whole plant 🤣

Yes, you only have to leave some specimens to flower and they can be pollinated.
These are summer lettuces. Now I eat the sprouts. When I remove them, I lighten the box where they are planted. This is good since there are too many for so little space.
I will make a post to discuss the rest of the crops I have.


Welcome to the community. Good luck to you

Thank you

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