Final Trim on this Northern Lights

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Trimming is super tedious


Trimming is one thing that so many people hate. It takes so long, but it isn't too bad when you got some good tunes or a podcast to listen to. I just finished giving this northern lights the final trim before I let it finish drying.


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This plant had so many buds on it, even though it grew so dumb. I think if I wouldn't have bent the top down twice, it would have been like 6 feet tall. In a couple days when the drying is complete, I will be weighing this. I am hoping to get a little over two ounces from it, but it is hard to tell at this point.


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One of the things that made the trimming process so long today was that there were so many tiny cat hairs on my buds. The room I had them hanging in must have had some fur on the floor and it got kicked up by the fan. But now, after about three hours, I got all the hair off of them. It takes forever to get the hairs off because as I was trimming and holding the branches, my fingers started getting sticky. I had to dip my fingers in isopropyl alcohol every few minutes just to get all the stickiness off.


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My main focus with the trim today was to get the tiny sugar leaves that really don't have many trichomes on them. I don't get all of them off because I use a Volano to vaporize my weed. I've stopped smoking from a pipe or a bong mainly because I am not a fan of smoking and don't care much for the taste. Plus it burns my throat.


Photo by me

I can't wait for this plant to cure so I can see how it stacks up against my first northern lights harvest. I really enjoy the effects of northern lights, it is one of my favorite strains because it is so relaxing. I usually sleep way better with this strain compared to any of the other ones.

Over the next three days or so, these buds will continue to dry out and then I can start curing it. Tomorrow evening I will be taking my blueberry out of the dark and giving it a quick trim to get the large leaves off and then hang it up for a few days. Once I have the blueberry curing, I will have about two months or so of just growing the quad grape that just sprouted.

I don't know how I am going to trim all of that on my own though. There is going to be so much. I think I am going to have six to eight plants that will be ready for harvest all within about a week or each other. It will be crazy.


I do think one reason why i despise trimming, is the fact that the kids are usually around up my ass, and its hard to focus lol

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Ya. That would be frustrating. I just put on a podcast and zoned out for a few hours.

Right, its ard to do a lot with them around 🤣

Kick ass tities:). Looks amazing as usual

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Thanks homie

Mmmm that looks awesome! I haven’t had any good NL in a while! Everything is this hybrid and cross bred stuff, lol. Gotta love the classics!

Ya these NL that I got has some pretty good genetics. I really enjoy this strain.

bruh... i love your pictures

i heard a lot about northen lights. i should try this lol they seem awesome.

Thanks. Northern lights is a pretty awesome strain. One of the top strains I have had.

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Looks like northern lights for sure, I don't mind trimming but I like trimming smaller amounts at a time as one plant can still take a few hours.

Do you save your leaves for edibles?

I didn’t save any of the leaves from this one. The last one, I saved some trim and gave it to my buddy to make some stuff.

I'd be interested in hearing how this turns out after the cure!