Final trim and weigh for the Blueberry

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Just got done giving the blueberry it’s final trim before I start the curing process. These buds have been drying for about 4 days now and they are pretty crispy. I think the next harvest is going to be dried in my grow room where it is 50% humidity cause these buds dried out pretty fast. Hopefully being in the curing jars will help them get some of their moisture back. I don’t want to put in the humidity packers just yet but I will in a couple days.


I got two mason jars worth of bud and it weighed 43.37 grams. Not too bad, but I was hoping for at least two ounces. I don’t mind too much though because I know this is going to be good stuff.


I have three different strains curing right now. One jar of bubblegum which is in the stage of curing where I just need to burp it once a day. The northern lights is still just a few days into curing so I burp those two jars every 8 hours. I was able to get about 56 grams from the weird looking northern lights plant, so that is pretty cool. A lot better than I had expected.


This is what I have left of all the cannabis that I have grown myself. It is pretty awesome that I don’t have to go out and buy any weed anymore because I have more than enough for my needs. I still do go to the dispensary every now and then and pick a strain that I have been wanting to try, but spending $60-$75 for 3.5 grams there is pretty ridiculous. I have given a lot of my stash away to friends so they can try it as well and they have all been pretty impressed with its potency and some even prefer mine over what the dispensaries are selling.

Growing my own cannabis has been a pretty amazing adventure so far and I can’t wait for my quad grape. These little ladies are growing so fast right now.


Dude you got your own dispensery, it really is nice to not have to buy unless you want something new.

Ya, it is so much better than spending a ton of money each month to buy something that I can grow easily.

Nice work man!

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Thanks man. Can't wait to try this one out.

So Good!

It's gonna be awesome when it is done curing.

They Blueberry was an auto correct?

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Ya. All my plants have been autos so far.