Blueberry Trim Day - Massive Nugs

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The 48 hours of dark does wonders


I just pulled my blueberry plant out of the dark this morning and the buds are noticeably larger than they were prior to going in the dark. There was also a lot of new pistil growth which is cool because now there is a nice balance of the orangish red hairs and white ones.


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I am really glad that I have started putting my plants in a dark room before I harvest it, because I can really tell a difference when I didn't do that. There are also so many new trichomes that form during that time while the plant pulls all the nutrients out of the soil. I see it as being in the dark is basically giving the plant a full 48 hours to focus on itself.


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One thing I have noticed since I started growing my own cannabis back in December is that I have a much closer relationship with this plant and I appreciate it a lot more for what it has been able to do for me.


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I really think that all cannabis users should take some time to grow their own cannabis, so they can truly begin to appreciate the plant. There are so many aspects of this plant that can benefit us and it has been awesome to learn this whole process.


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I got a lot of trimmings off this plant that I am going to dry out and make some tea or something with. Here is a pretty good recipe for Cannabis Tea.


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I didn't have a ruler to show the scale for how large these buds are, so I used my arm. This was pre trimming.

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This was after. I really like trimming my buds right when I cut the branches. It is just so much easier to get to all the leaves because they are still stiff and not just floppy crispy things. Plus the buds aren't nearly as sticky.


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Speaking of sticky, these are going to be some very sticky buds. They are covered in trichomes.


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They also smell amazing. Between this harvest and the northern lights from a few days ago, my whole house smells like weed and I love it. I always loved the smell of the dispensaries when I went into them, and now my house gets to smell like that.


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So when I am trimming, I look around the buds for these stems of the sugar leaves and snip them off. I try to get as many of them off each bud prior to going in closer to get the smaller leaves that are sticking out of them.


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These ones are pretty easy to get to when they aren't in the middle of the buds, but when these leaves are sticking out of the buds, I have to stick my trimmers inside the bud to get to their stem. Some of these buds were too thick to be sticking the trimmers into, so I just snipped off the leaves that were sticking out. I prefer to get the stem whenever I can though because I want to ensure that it is just the flower of the plant in the buds and not thick stems still in there.


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This is how the buds ended up looking. I am really happy with how well this plant turned out. It may be my best one yet.


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All of the buds are large like this one and there are no popcorn buds at all. I am glad that I cut a bunch of its branches off before it started flowering because that really helped to force the plant to focus all energy on the remaining branches and fill up those bud sites.


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I can't wait to weigh this one out once it is dry. I think it will be at least two ounces, but could even be more because of how dense these are.


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It was a bittersweet trimming session this morning because it is the last harvest until my quad grape plants are ready in a few months. Once those are ready for harvest, I am going to be very busy trimming because I will have at least 5 plants ready all around the same time.


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Well that is it for this post. I won't have any pictures of fresh buds for a while. I will have to take some pictures of these recent harvests when they are dry and then do some strain reviews. But until then, my cannabis content is going to be a lot less while my quad grapes are growing. They are still just tiny little babies in the tent. Hopefully next week they have gotten larger.


Wow, Man your photos are always top notch, this flower looks it to

Hope you had fun trimming, Lol a day you can't ever get back 🤣

Thanks man. The trimming on this one wasn't too bad. Once the quad grape starts being ready, that will be a different story.

Nice work, she's a beast . You got me all excited about my Blueberry from Seedsman. Thats what I wanted to ask ya' is your beautiful lady from Seedsman? I am really impressed with it.
Tried and true

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I bought the seeds from this place

They have some pretty good strains. I have heard good things about seedsman.

Wow, awesome looking buds you've got there!

Thanks Keith. I can't wait to test this one out. It turned out really good.

Hell yeah man! Your right, every one who uses cannabis, should try to grow at least a plant in their life. Then they can appreciate it even more, especially the good stuff :)

Ya. I am grateful to be able to grow my own

awesome buds !!

i ALWAYS forget to leave it 48hrs in the dark. it was nice reading this right before i flush my last banana to harvest.

ill start cut these small branches aswell, all i get is some shit popcorns from it.

and.. yes every one who enjoy cannabis should grow your own, you will only understand how satisfying it is when you are doing it.

again. beautiful buds, i wish i could try one of these =D

Thanks. The 48hrs of darkness has been huge for my recent harvests, so I make sure to do it. The last couple months have been a big learning experience for me on how to increase my yield and trimming off lower branches has really helped. With the new plants I am growing, I will be cutting the main stem after it has about 6 branches showing, so I can force the plant to spread out sideways more and the remaining branches will be as big as the main cola on other plants.

looks dank, I am smoking some Blueberry Punch atm

Nice. I can't wait to try this one out.

Looks damn nice 👍🏻 😮

Thanks homie

This is beautiful. Great work