dCity.io 2nd Edition Cards and Tech Review

in hive-140217 •  last month  (edited)

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This is a follow up to my other videos about dCity. Last time I didn't go over the cards and tech in detail so I did today. This is a bit longer so thank you if you hang out. I am really enjoying be a part of this game and watching how it is growing. I never thought I would be pushed out of the top 50 so fast but it has been great to see so many willing to invest in the game.

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I forgot about dCity. Gonna go check that out more. Thanks for the reminder. I tried watching the video but for some reason it doesnt work on my Esteem surfer. Ill save it for later tho.

Thanks sorry it doesn’t work on esteem. I will look into that.

It could just be on my end. Im not sure.

I will try it later on my Brave browser.