A DCity Update

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Screenshot 2021-09-18 2.36.36 PM.png

Yet another week in. I think I'm getting close to my one year anniversary of holding DCity NFTs. I think, anyway?

How did this week go for me? Well, taxes were high, but you will see we are now less than 80% as of a few moments ago:

Screenshot 2021-09-18 2.42.50 PM.png

Whether or not that trend can sustain itself is anyone's guess; here's to hoping it continues to go down over time.

My earnings charts are holding value too. With the price of SIM hovering at that $.0001 USD mark, my earnings are fairly flat.

Screenshot 2021-09-18 2.44.08 PM.png

Screenshot 2021-09-18 2.44.20 PM.png

Some positives from last week's simulation:

  • I held my first Weed Festival and received +3 artist cards
  • I picked up one Snow background
  • Trained +3 Workers
  • Picked up +1 Basic Accounting Tech card

Accounting, the story of my life (or bane of my life, perhaps???)

I noticed that my ranking in Education was slipping the past few days, so today I decided to invest in +9 University Cards to a) improve my Education ranking, b) pick up a little income, and c) employ 126 SIMians in my simulation. This demiurge is all about employment, and the hope there is a benefit to it all down the road. How can find gnosis if you don't have cash???

My new ranking chart is below. You'll see how much of an impact that University investment made today:

Screenshot 2021-09-18 2.44.34 PM.png

Next weekend, I will look to add more SIM income by buying cards with the best ROI. I'm not sure what that is at this point in time, but hey, I'm sure I'll write about it next weekend!

Thanks for stopping by to check out my #DCity update. More to come as I continue to HODL...


Incredible city. I'm pretty new to dCity, but I love it!

Thanks, I've been working on it for a bit now - I'm kind of taking a long term view of the game, and hoping for the best

It is a pity that there is no good tutorial. It's the second day I've been reading all the posts on Hive, but I can't figure out how to buy a home or an apartment ... :(

do you have a simulation set up? I'd be happy to send you a house to get started

Yes there is. Thanks for the help, but I want to figure it out )

Well, I used Hive Engine - I moved some Litecoin over and converted to SWAP.HIVE, then changed that to SIM, and bought NFTs on the DCity site through Market.

I found the cause of the problems! This is a square monitor! Everything is distorted and many menu items are missing. This is terrible )))
Hopefully the developer will fix this.
Thanks for your help!

Ok sorry was watching our daughter today - were you able to get set up?

I had to use a different monitor. I was able to see my city and buy homes :)

This is what I see on the site and there is no home
And there is no beautiful image of the city, as in the posts.
In Hive Engine I have SIM and SWAP.HIVE. I can't find a market with homes )))

I have never tried this game … how much have you earned in 1 year ? $1,000 USD ?

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Well, I think I put about $300 in last fall. I'd say I've double my investment so far. Are you going to try it? I loved playing SimCity as a kid, so I like the game.