An online massive multiplayer, citybuilder that pays you to play!

in Hive Gaming5 months ago

I have decided to sit down and write a short post about one of the HIVE engine´s blockchain games, in my opinion far exceeding titles suc as splinterlands and others.

The game / invest,ent is fairly simple to learn, but harder to master. you start out by buing a few buildings to house residence, then some industy, (depending on your technology level).

You can invest as little or as much as you want. and in-game there is a rather lively market where players trade their building cards for other players. the market is familiar for ebryone interested in finances and the real world.

The awards for the top city today for example was around 140 HIVE. as well as me myself raked in some 6-7 hive for my city, wich currently ranks nr 79.

I say yo give it a go, if you dont like it, you can sell your cards to the older players. :)

Have a great day!