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My screenshot

Play it stoned, thank me later


Last night I decided to go ahead and purchase Resident Evil Village so that I could play it when it unlocks in the Xbox store. I had been looking at this game for a while and @pusen had made a few posts about it as well, but when I saw that it only takes about 10-14 hours to complete the game, I thought that I might wait to get it until it goes on sale. Boy am I glad I didn't wait cause this game is crazy good.

It takes place years after Resident Evil 7 Biohazard. During RE7, your wife Mia goes missing and you have to go and rescue her. This video below offers a great recap of the events of RE7, but it does contain some spoilers to it.

I knew RE7 was a very cool game and the gameplay was very immersive, so I was excited to get into RE8. I normally don't have any weed before I play video games, but I decided to have some of my homegrown critical purple before I played and holy balls, it was a totally different experience to play this game while stoned.

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After the game starts and gives you a nice recap of RE7, it begins with some crazy animated tale that reminded me of the movie Coraline. It was so creepy, but awesome.

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This little girl goes around this weird world and is getting gifts from all sorts of monsters, but she takes something she shouldn't have and it pissed the monsters off. It is a very cool way to start the game and you can check it out below.

The crazy story of the girl and the monsters is a book that Mia is reading to their baby to help her fall asleep. This is where the story begins.

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The first thing I noticed about the game, other than the hideously ugly baby, was how amazing the graphics were. I am playing on the Xbox Series X and I would have to say that this is the most realistic game I have ever played.

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The game doesn't really tell you explicitly what you are supposed to do, and it is more of a just go and do what you can and go where you can type of thing. Ethan said he was going to go lay the baby down after he takes her from Mia, so I wandered around the house for a while. The game is all first person, which helps to pull you into the gaming world.

I wandered around this house and tried to find the baby's room and when I did, I went to the crib and laid her down in it. Then I made my way back downstairs to Mia.

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The lighting in the home is super realistic along with everything else. I think it was because I was pretty high by this point that I started to focus on all of the different things around in the environment and it really pulled me deeper into this world. Take a look at the long rug next to the cabinets and look at the folds in it how it is bunched up. It is the little things like that that really make the game world so realistic and believable.

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As we sat down to prepare to eat dinner, the lights in the home go out and then Mia starts getting blasted with bullets. As she is laying down on the ground dead, Ethan gets down on the ground and tries to hide as Chris Redfield and his men come into the home. Redfield is one of the main characters in the Resident Evil series and actually saved them at the end of RE7.

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Chris ends up shooting Mia a few more times to make sure she is dead and then they steal your baby. Ethan blacks out after this, and they take him as well. You wake up after the transport you were in has crashed and you have to start trying to get away and figure out where you are. Again, there is no real explanation on what to do, but there is a linear path to progress through the area.

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As you are walking through the area in the dark, you have a flashlight. Everything seems somewhat normal until you find a bunch of dead birds all over the place and things get more and more weird as you get deeper into the woods.

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My screenshot

You eventually find some homes, but they are even more weird. The whole area seems abandoned, but there are creepy sounds and every now and then you see some people off in the distance and it seems like they are luring you deeper and deeper into their village.

Look at the detail on that chair and table. The way the paint is worn and the different scratches and stuff. I must have been just looking at how intricate this world is for the majority of the time I was playing.

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My screenshot

They did an amazing job creating this world. I had all the lights off in my home and my surround sound was up pretty loud as well. I was hearing things in all different directions.

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My screenshot

Look at the detail in this painting that was just laying on the floor. You can see all the different brush strokes in it and the light changes depending how you look at it. I wonder how many people play this game but don't take the time to appreciate the care and detail that went into creating this world.

I am looking forward to continuing the game and seeing where this story goes. @pusen had a good point when it came to this game and its length. He said that he is convinced that even though it is 10 hours of gameplay, it will be 10 hours of pure quality. From what I have seen so far of the game, I have to believe that this is going to be a masterpiece.


If theres one way to kill a high... its this game. lol I typically don't play horror/scary games while chilling.

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Nah man. This game was amazing while high. It enhanced everything.

I have been delighted with everything this Resident Evil has to offer and I think it has quite an alternate and different story to all the others itself, which I think makes it quite unique. The graphics and detail is simply beautiful, which complements with its gameplay and becomes quite pleasant and intensive much to explore around us, detail that I love so much of the saga and luckily have continued to care. As for example at the beginning in the house, before taking Ethan's daughter to sleep, there are a lot of clues and winks of the story scattered throughout the house, which makes it quite immersive and makes curious players explore endlessly. I haven't seen much more of the game but so far I don't think it will disappoint in any way.

Ya, this game is pretty amazing so far. I wish I would have explored more of the house before we left it in the game. It would have been cool to see all the little clues all over the place. It is crazy how much detail they put in the game considering so many of the places you will never return to.

well, I hope soon you can keep posting about your progress, I would like to see the way you narrate the game and how you head every detail. ^^

Ah, I've been wanting to play the new Resident Evil games for a while now but haven't been able to because of my toaster. It really looks pretty cool and innovative. But the real question is: is it scary?

I havent gotten to any real scary parts yet. But I am sure that it will get pretty intense. It is a very immersive game.

I was really confused at the screenshot you sent me earlier. It didn’t look anything like what I was expecting from the game but this explains it. I almost regret reading this because now I know what’s coming early on. Oh well. It did make me want it even more.

Well the good thing is that all of the "spoilers" in this post are only from the first 5 mins or so of the game. I tried to make it so nothing important was shown. I still haven't ran into any of the actual villagers yet. This game is going to be a wild ride.

I'm downloading it now. This is going to be awesome.


These days I was about to make a purchase of a video card, I thought that soon I could be playing titles like this, but someone beat me to it and took it out of my hands. It was second hand but it was at a great price. I will have to save up and buy a new one for an exorbitant price. Goodness, I really need to play this piece of art.

Too bad shipping to Venezuela is so expensive. I would send you one of the RX580s that I have in my desktop that I don't use. I hope you are able to get a new card and to get some new games along with it.

Thanks man, dont worry. I will find a way to get my card, maybe I will wait until next year, who knows if things get better.

Hopefully they do. Hopefully crypto is able to give you some financial freedoms.

#stonedgaming, nice tag lol

The amount of detail is incredible, the story as well. I never played RE 7 because I don't have how, but I saw a walkthrough and thought Mia died because I remembered she was infected, lol, what an unexpected twist. have you finished it yet? It would have been a good idea to do a walkthrough and showing a bit of the game's story, I always see walkthroughs of video games I can't play XD.