dCity - Week 3: Elections have arrived

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As I mentioned in my previous dCity update, Gerber, the creator of the game, had threatened to set all taxes to max, and so he did. The income loss was at 51% for me! Luckily it was only for a few days. And apparently it was meant to show some players what max taxes would actually look like.

And despite the tax defenders who claimed that taxes hurt larger cities more than smaller ones, they still don't get the concept of a small town or a casual player. A casual player isn't going to come in and understand how to min-max their city. They also aren't going to dump 2000 HIVE into it from the start. They will pick up a few random cards and wonder why they are paying taxes for nothing! Taxes are not equal when your income is significantly less. I guess some people just really don't understand wealth inequality. Maybe I should refer to my city as a Village instead.

And to be clear, I understand the reasoning behind taxes. But I think that the implementation and presentation of them to new players could put a lot of people off.

But speaking of taxes, Gerber implemented a voting system and we are now in the process of replacing him with a new Overlord. who will decide our fate. Here are the current standings. It would be nice if there was a little mouseover or popup for each candidate with a blurb about their platform.


In regards to my little village, I received another 20 Hive from a power down and looked to purchase a few cards that would benefit from the taxation. My first new purchase was a Job Center, and a number of Immigrants to run it. I also built an Art Gallery for the Immigrants to work in since the Art tax was turned on. I was determined to get some sort of benefit out of these taxes I was paying, damnit!

To round things off, we set aside an beautiful Forest area for everyone to enjoy. And with that my Village reached a balance point. Every building has a full complement of employees and everyone has a Job. We have a nice Weed Farm, a Restaurant, a Forest to mellow out in, and an Art Gallery to showcase our fine Stoner Art!


We also have a Job Center, for anyone who wishes to pursue a career beyond food service or weed picking. It is supposed to give a 3% chance (double to 6% due to Job taxes) to train a Worker, Scientist, or Artist from my Homeless and Immigrants, but it's not really clear how this works. Is the check once a day? Does it check each Homeless and Immigrant individually or is it sort of a blanket check for all at once? Whichever it is, so far it has failed to convince anyone to move into a different job path.


I have now spent ~44 Hive on this game. My returns so far have been in the order of ~260 SIM and a little over 2 WEED tokens.

You can check the game out and play at https://dcity.io/

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