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RE: SIM passive income with dcity investment

in Hive Gaming3 months ago

One thing I would recommend is to put more meat on the bone and invest more if you want to really grow. Otherwise you will stagnate and will not be so motivating to keep playing the game and that happened to me. I've ended up with more than 300 HIVE invested and about 750 SIM income a day which allows me buy a building each one or two days. With that the growing, fun and game activities are more enjoyable.

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I recently got a new pizza place job so I will probably pour a little more into my account very soon especially since the markets seem to be ready to blast off. Honestly, I have been struggling with homelessness this year but I am proud of myself for not cashing out my investments. I truly believe in the coming age of crypto and I support most blockchain projects. This one in particular is really cool and I love any games that have statistical analysis options built in. Its almost like a training grounds for further learning about cryptocurrency and the economy in general. This game model could be used for almost anything as well so I am looking at it as an excellent example of what could be as well. My goal right now is to be able to buy one card a week which would need a daily SIM income of atleast 120 and I am a little more than halfway there.