Show me The Nugporn #1 Hive edition

in hive-139699 •  24 days ago 

What's up fellow Hivers get them nugporn photos loaded and ready. This week I am starting a nugporn contest.

This contest is meant to get some much needed nugporn here on hive and ready to share daily on the interweb social media platforms like twitter and instagram.

This is going to be a small way to share post and photos from steem to other social platforms.


Rules to this contest are going to be so simple.

  1. Original Photos only
  2. Add Username watermark 💧
  3. Make a post showing the nugporn (Details Earn Higher community Rewards)
  4. Share to your social media If Able
  5. Post To NugPorn Community
  6. Use #nugporn tag

I will be sharing these post to twitter and instagram. so in your post leave a Tag if you want me to tag you.

With this contest you will receive a upvote from this account. As a bonus I will add .420 hive to the most detailed post. At the end of the week.

You can post daily for the upvote but only one post will win the .420 hive.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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