Probably the last rewards of the season

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Sunday. Wake and bake at 4:30 am. Make coffee. Start Splinterlands quest. Do not question your life choices. This is the new normal.

Unfortunately, the season ends on a Monday instead of, say, a Sunday. I think it ends around 8 am my time, so I'll be at work. My quest will be claimable pretty early in the day, though, so I might be able to sneak in enough battles to try to finish my quest tomorrow. If not, these will be the last quest rewards that I get in the Diamond League until I crawl my way back up.

Screen Shot 2020-11-29 at 6.40.59 AM.png

Again, not the best, but not the worst. If this weren't a leased account, and the cards weren't just burned for DEC anyway, I'd be excited about getting a couple of cards. Either way, it's nice to get some rare ones instead of all commons. 41 DEC isn't the biggest or more impressive amount of DEC to get as a reward, but it's better than 9, 13, or 14. I'll take it! As if I have a choice.

This Water Splinter quest was pretty easy, though, thanks again to Xia Seachan.

My anytime tournament didn't go so well. I made it to the last round, but I won't make it even to 32nd place, which would've received 500 DEC, which would've given me 250 DEC after splitting it with the cards owner. Oh well. I will try again!




Loved that opening wake and bake story brings me back to earlier this morning myself hahaha!!! Dabolicious baby!!!