Now, that's awholotta WEED πŸ™‚

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Hold your spliffs, blunts and bongs people....

WEED is pumping!

Screenshot 20201118 at 9.48.11 AM.png

Someone bought up the book. If anyone knows what's going on please comment.

WEED is the premier cannabis token on Hive-Engine and the first project to have a customised interface, EOS peg and more. There may be something on the horizon. A quick look at the group WeedCash Network Community doesn't give any hints, but run on over to WeedCash.Network and you will find this recent update:

WeedCash Governance and Road Map Update

It seems the postponed wWEED ETH token launch date may be soon to come. I commend their team for postponing the launch due to the attacks on wrapped LEO.

Looking forward to the news (if any).

PS: I'll be adding HivePay to (@canjamretreat) this weekend. Visitors will be able to book a stay, purchase premium edibles, visit the stoner sanctuary and pay with WEED (among other Hive-Engine tokens ;) Epic!

Cheers and thanks for reading! 🌬

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It's only been a matter of time. Weed has always been easy to sell.

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chickenbones be flying off the rails


No news really except the announcement about Governance Power and the anticipated wWEED, but that is awesome that you will be able to book the CanJam Retreat with WEED!!

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Thanks, I just followed @weedcash-gov to keep up.... yeah give me a few days, I need to find the time and I'll add the HivePay Buttons and do a promo post like "Book A Cannabis Infused Vacation with WEED" 😁

Cool! Looking forward to seeing that. I've only seen the Woo Commerce Hive token plugin like on

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maybe buy some, what do you say? is weed a good investment?

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You can never go wrong with weed!

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WEED is always a good investment bro πŸ§πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ

Grabbing some weed is always a good choice, lots of moves are being made and the community is great :D.

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virtual joint.png

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Everybody wants to buy some weed ;) I'm not surprised.

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Not legal in my country , Not a weed user so rarely visit weed tribe.
Just love to buy Weed miners in Dcity, give me daily payout of .175 weeds.

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Maybe start trading WEED if you got some extra hive lying around.

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sure, Trading generate some little hive for me daily.

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