The front yard is ready at CANJAM Cannabis Retreat @CANJAMRetreat in Negril 🌴

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Spent the past week landscaping, planting flowers, painting and spreading some cobble stones on the front yard @CanJamRetreat and The @wakenbakecafe !

I think it’s ready, looks amazing and already slightly (better) than before.


CANJAM Retreat has always been a home away from home for cannabis lovers, in the coming days I’ll fill the Hive in on my current plans.


Along with the Premium Edibles and Irie Rooms, I’m devising a 4:20 Happy Hour centered around a natural cave and wildlife sanctuary.

It’s gonna be epic 😊

For more info about our Ganja Infused Edibles and Cannabis Retreat visit

Former ReggaeSteem JSNS Holders will get a free stay! I just need a few more days to sort out the details.

Peace ✌🏽


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I’m coming after the lockdown

Cant wait! 😃

Sounds interesting! I’ll be following to hear what this is about.

Great, haven't had much time to blog lately while setting things up but Hive will be central to my marketing... you'll be well informed 😉

You should join our Discord. We will be hosting a Virtual Cannabis Fest on Aug 1st. We are still in the planning phase, and post is coming very soon.

I'm on it!

@tipu curate :)


on my list now to visit next time we return home 😀

Upness, Stop by anytime!

will do :)

That looks like a marvellous place!


Great start! Can't wait to come down again :D

Thanks bro... see you soon!!!!