ecoTrain Question Of The Week #19: What are you addicted to and how does it help or hinder you ? What is satisfying and enjoyable can be addictive

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Everything that gives us satisfaction and pleasure is capable of generating addiction.

When we consume a food that is delicious to us, when we do something that causes us great satisfaction for example; win a bet, win money in the game this is also capable of generating addictions not to mention substances that contain alkaloids that are capable of producing dependence such as nicotine from tobacco, caffeine from coffee, cocaine and even drugs called psychotropics can also cause addiction.

If what we eat or do gives us satisfaction and pleasure, it can also generate addiction, this occurs because when carrying out a pleasant activity or satisfaction areas of pleasure are satisfactory in the brain and an endorphin called enkephalin is released, These substances produce such a sensation that the body is left wanting to experience it again and again.

This produces the desire to do that activity again or consume that food or substance to re-stimulate that area of ​​pleasure, this of course is dangerous when it comes to substances that are harmful to health such as drugs; This creates problematic circumstances when it comes to alcoholic beverages and gaming, especially gambling.

I think that there are certain personalities that are prone to addictions and others are not and it seems to me that everything resides in the mind, whether the person realizes it or not, if we have enough information they are more protected about how the mechanism occurs addiction, the family experience of our childhood, our adolescence is also essential, the less traumatic we are, the more protected we are against addictions, but a happy childhood or adolescence is not a guarantee to be free of addictions so I repeat again we reside our own mind the ability or inability to stop any addiction or determine it and if not prevent us from causing the problem.

In my case, I have a certain predisposition to chocolate, I am not saying that it is addiction because I do not have any withdrawal syndrome, that is, I do not have any physical, psychological or physiological disorder when I do not consume chocolate, so I can say my addiction to chocolate is slight.


He also declared me addicted to #hive, because my fingers itch to write, I can't go without writing, I am aware of any topic that I can develop and there is the satisfaction of the recognition and the comments that produces satisfaction and stimulates me a respective area of ​​the brain that produces addition without reaching the point of interfering in my family relationships or in the care of myself, which has been the risk of addictions, that the family, work, social life in general of the person is affected as well as their own physical and mental health.


The experiences of addictions can be suffered by anyone and whether or not it affects your life will depend on the information you have and if you are able to analyze and understand what is happening to you and to use that information to combat it if it is causing you harm and also of the social environment in which he finds himself because the support he can receive from friends and family plays an important role, including his own partner, in facing this problem.

I invite the people who accompanied me in this reading, to avoid prejudices, it is very easy to censor and judge a person for an addiction, the difficult thing is to know why it happens to him, this does not mean that we have to approve of someone his addiction or even endure it, you have to have the ability to understand what is happening to you, when they are serious addictions I mean and have the clinical eye to evaluate yourself because you can have addictions and not even realize that you are addicted to something, it is said simple, I like it, but where is the limit between the natural or the addiction? Also there we have trouble distinguishing where the borderline of the normal and the addictive is, because liking something can lead us to become addicted to that something.

So friend, friend, let's be slow to judge and fast and committed to understand.

Finally, I do not have any addiction that causes me harm but I do believe that I have an addiction that is helping me a lot, it is my daily and committed participation in #hive.



I am @truelovemon, Mileidy. Lover of nature and everything that inhabits it. Passionate about photography, not only a click is enoughj, it is to see beyond your eyes, it is to fill you with the hidden beauty in the simple.

Soy @truelovemon, Mileidy. Amante de la naturaleza y de todo lo que la habita. Apasionado de la fotografía, no solo un clic es suficiente, es para ver más allá de tus ojos, es para llenarte de la belleza oculta en lo simple.


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Thank you for posting to this weeks question! I apologise if I haven't commented this week, i have just relocated off-grid and wasn't able to do online work. I'll be more attentive next week as i am now getting settled in ;-)

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