China cartel! Communist Chinese cartel caught human trafficking in America.

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The truth is coming out about China's involvement in the border and there is no Chinese cartel this would be a active people's liberation army operation.

Yep that's right they have pretty much infiltrated and taken over every single cartel or gotten them so indebted that they have to work the debt off.

Yep that's right the Chinese are using our system completely against us in ways we are just barely figuring out for the common human being and the basic knowledge is coming out.

Basically the Chinese are smuggling human beings basically trafficking their own humans and citizens into the United States to work on illegal cannabis grows. When the police bust these massive grows you are seeing some massive amounts of undocumented Chinese workers being caught.

Well how are these illegals getting in here? Well the sales of precursor chemicals from China as well as, arms military weapons and of course how do you think that the Mexican cartels are getting these massive shipments of firearms supposedly from the United States however I am going to send her a guess that these are sterilized weapons that actually could trace back to Chinese steel manufacturing...

We are looking at a targeted operation by China in Mexico and the United States. Using Patsy's and abusing the most vulnerable. However this is a clear act of War multiple times over.

And of course because the profit margin on cannabis is so large. The lack of regulation environmental damage needs to be uncovered.

Now we are talking about so many more parts of the puzzle coming together. And for some reason a lot of this information has been being suppressed.

And I will guarantee you the same thing is happening here in Portland Oregon.

As well as all across the West Coast.

How do you think that the cartels get all of the preakers chemicals to make fentanyl methamphetamine as well as everything else.

Next we are also seeing the cartel also mixing the fentanyl in with all the other drugs so you get hooked and locked into cartel products forever. Which is actually just Chinese chemicals. Yep that's right and in massive amounts of quantity as well as extreme purity. Well as much quality as the Chinese government is known for producing.

So right here we have an act of War and direct human misery trafficking busted.

Wow what a day and I am just astounded at the news.

This is just another clear act of War by China against the United States. And should not go unchallenged.


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Great read @ganjafarmer, people think I'm crazy when I start ranting about how the Mexican cartels are running the border and stockpiling fentanyl and meth. I am a survivor of the war on drugs. I have been sober for over three years now. I dont know if you are familiar with what is happening in Kensington area of Philadelphia. See Im
Im sure you know that Carfentanyl can be released as a chemical weapon.
anyway great read have a great day

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Yep the issue of overdoses is not with prescription medication it is with these Chinese poor quality chemical cocktails.

Between methamphetamine as well as fentanyl.

Though only group that has gone on record saying that they were going to use the same economic warfare model using opiates because of the western bleeding of China with opium.

Yeah opium addiction is nowhere near what we are looking at for this fentanyl and methamphetamine crisis.

It's completely being set up to destabilize the West Coast.

However the United States needs to legalize all drugs and allow people to self medicate with quality opiates or any other substance that they want.

That was the reason why Americans were so scary because we had no drug laws as well as no firearms laws...