Aliens!!! And weed!!!

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I'm watching a UFO documentary...



So my puppy dog decided he was going to act up and I want to hang out with my buddy that just barely got back from Hawaii.

So we're hanging out and well his daughter is headed to bed I am watching some aliens.

And of course smoking the pot. Definitely no smoking of pans here.

Oh my back is just killing me so I think it'll be a hand warmer night tonight to the middle of my back.

Well I'm definitely believing and UFOs and having seen an unidentified flying vehicle was definitely not very fun.

I definitely know that is not something that is within our capabilities currently.

And of course this proof is a major issue for the government. And the entire issues behind keeping this situation secret.

And then there is the speed issue of these things being phenomenally fast and as well being able to maneuver in ways that you do not understand currently. Some pretty amazing stuff I must say however I'm not sure if I'd really want to go for a ride in one.

I don't know what do you think would you go for a ride in a UFO with a bunch of aliens? Let's say there was no probes involved. Just a simple ride...

Well I need to smoke some more weed and contemplate this but we know for a fact that these things exist and as well these things are able to penetrate any airspace on the planet.

Now we are starting to slowly have some kind of disclosure from the government.


I don't know what do you think would you go for a ride in a UFO with a bunch of aliens? Let's say there was no probes involved. Just a simple ride...

NO PROBES! Sign me up. I'd definitely hang with a bunch of aliens and fly in their space ship!

I'm huge fan of UFO documentaries also. Lots of interesting stuff out there on this topic. Amazon Prime Video has a ton of info. I should see what Netflix has to offer too, I just got a Netflix account.

I've had a couple interesting UFO experiences. I'm a believer too. Enjoy your weed!


Yeah they gonna smoke with me? They got space weed? I'll go kick it at their house if they do...

I´m not a man of big words sorry :)




Thank you and this definitely tells me a bit about the system.

I wonder how many points I have stashed away...

You can use them on



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Thank you very much I think I'll poke around and see what happens.

I really appreciate your knowledge and time. That is truly powerful.

Peace is also powerful and there is somthing called



And you have a Alien peace pipe 😂🤣

I hope you enjoy your pipe 😝

Yeah I'm now posting comments and racking up points however for some reason I can't use them just yet.... Sigh...

Actually when I was doing traditional medicine Man training I was offered the sacred piece pipe that had been in my mentors family for untold generations. I turned it down because not only was I not ready for it but I also was not able to have the responsibility.

And it is kind of amazing how important a smoking ceremony is among people.


Ahaha ufo and weed! Ready for different galaxies 😂

Oh man I'd love to smoke some of that super kushty flavour-rich weed from cali or any place where it's fully legal ahahahah 😂

I do believe alien life exists in this world, it's also just a mathematical thing really, I mean... Infinite galaxies? That's like an infinite number of living organisms to me 🙄 or maybe we're the crazy ones 😂

What kind of disclosure from the government are you talking about? I'm just curious 😁

Here is a huge difference in disclosure.

Come to Oregon...


Yay! 🤗
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Love this, like a goals to me.
But i living in a so bad country 😞