June 24,2020 #HappyHempDay Droppin’ A D00k13 Live-Stream Highlights

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After having to run out last minute for a webcam. Realizing they are in extremely short supply with everywhere sold out. Stopping at a few Pawn Shops with the same responses. Then walking into a little mom and pop computer shop literally as they are filling the shelves with the only HD solution to the problem I could find. Knowing this was my only chance to make the stream in time I simply stepped in the door and said "Take My Money!!!" The shop owner smiled proceeding to the counter only ever saying "we can't keep these on the shelves." I ended up telling him the whole story about how, what and why #HappyHempDay before running out the door not waiting for a reply… I setup the webcam and sat down firing up everything including my show line-up in 15mins flat stepping into #Canna-Curate discord just moments before my scheduled live show…

Not how I wish to start the #HappyHempDay show or really what I wish to highlight about the show but I wished to mention that fact as a testament to my dedication to getting this show done on a weekly basis. Despite being tested last minute I found a solution and like all things I do which have led to good it seemed as if an answer was provided the moment I opened my mind to possibilities of solutions. Standing there in the pawn shop I started drawing in that energy I harness for creative means. Like a light in the darkness the shop stood out to me across the street nestled in between a vape shop I go to and a beauty salon. The shop I had never noticed became the solution and I was parked right in front of the bloody place. Never seen it before as the signage promotes Canada Post in larger writing then the shop name. I call this "The Known" knowledge whilst I am a Knower on the journey of "Knowing", meaning the process of drawing in that energy.

#HappyHempDay Highlights – June 24, 2020

The stream went well despite a YouTube error, so many aspects all at once but I record a copy for situations like these. In yesterday's show coming out of #Canna-Curate Discord on #GreenHouseRadio we had a fully packed hour-long show with host, yours truly @D00k13. Sadly, our lined-up guest/co-host @RelayLogix did not make it which I am putting on time zones as I get those all mixed up LOL.


This Show We:


Highlighted 2 #News related videos by @GrahamSvorten

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Experimental Harvest(Bud Wash) by @Jonyoudyer & related Instagram Post

Hello Smoke! How is everyone doing on this fine Thursday? Crazy times we are living in, but for me I am more focused on family, and of course trying to be the best stoner that I can be!...

Experimental Harvest(Bud Wash)


Tasty THC - Sour Cannacherries by @Canada

I like these ones, these are really good…

Tasty THC - Sour Cannacherries


Illadelph Huracoil by @billybonger

My Illadelph Huracoil with Goldman Glass extension. #illadelph #goldmanglass #glasspipe #weedcash

Illadelph Huracoil


Purple bliss clones by @skylinebuds


First purple bliss clones. Trying something new this time by putting them from the Aloe water right into soil. Normally they go from Aloe water to a jiffy puck.
How do you clone? Do you use soil or jiffy? Or maybe another way?

Purple bliss clones


Let's Talk About Dirt by @relaylogix

Hello growers, patients, and stoners alike. Today I'm going to be talking a bit about dirt. In our circles dirt can mean a few different things. So to clarify, dirt as in growing medium.

Let's Talk About Dirt


Smoke.io Interaction is STILL the most genuine blockchain I've experienced. By @bongripper427

I've always felt that Smoke.io being a pothead/stoner "niche" blockchain out the gate was going to give it a better chance of a long term community feeling. That has proven to be the case so far and I feel it's only something that will grow in the future for Smoke.io. All systems have slowed down that's a fact but I feel Smoke.io has a strong chance to survive and is currently my favorite blockchain project.

Smoke.io Interaction is STILL the most genuine blockchain I've experienced.

I Can Do Better

I work now on refinement of my presentation, streaming system controls, entertainment value of outgoing stream, and with this post visibility of the show. Furthermore I will have working alternate links for upcoming shows posted several days in advance. Including setting up my site for hosting as my main link promoted as the widget will show all working streams eg if YouTube fails again I know a working link will be found.

See you next week, same time, same place!

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Till Next Time Smokers... Smokem' If YeaGottem'


That's It, @D00k13 OUT!!!


Has The Idea Of Being A Witness Crossed Your Mind? For me it started as a desire to learn if I could do it.

Maybe It's Time To Run That Idea Out? I for one will be certain to support in any way I can the new witnesses in their efforts to help maintain the blockchain... hit us up in discord 👌

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