What if WWOOF invested in LOTUS token? - Natural Medicine’s true potential

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These few days I’ve been brainstorming with the team of Natural Medicine on a greater vision for the project. I feel that all the pieces are in place already and all it needs is to set it’s sights and then put itself out there.

If a token has all sellers and no buyers, it’s value will go down indefinitely. Even if you burn tokens and create other ways to offset inflation, you need enough investors to make the token worth something. To the average investor, Natural Medicine looks nice, Lotus not so much.

Right now the only reason Lotus token isn’t rising in price is because we haven’t really imagined it’s full potential and a path towards getting there.

I’ve heard there are some plans to work on a marketplace that accepts lotus. That would be fantastic and probably offset some of the downside pressure of people who just see Lotus as some extra earnings on their posts and are quick to sell. Buying organic goods with a token that is earned is a nice use case.

I’m dreaming big though, I want to see just how beautifully we can connect communities around the world based on values like self-improvement, community empowerment and sustainability.

I’m not calling for a “push to the moon”. This isn’t about getting rich, it’s about building a new kind of social network that is directly connected our real lives and that is helping us all to build our dreams together. I think Natural Medicine can become one of the best examples of what the proof-of-brain concept can accomplish.


As I mentioned in my last post, the 4 ways a business/organization/tribe/collective could potentially utilize Lotus are:

1 Invest and use their stake to promote posts in line with their values and that encourage the growth of their community

2 Advertise on Natural Medicine, bringing money into the ecosystem

3 Blog to interact with their users/followers who are on and off NM and Hive to reach a new audience and monetize their blogs

4 Accept Lotus as a form of payment to spread awareness of their brand in the NM and Hive community and reach new customers.

I see the first as the most interesting when you consider that NM and other Lotus holders could use their stake to help smaller projects get seen and encourage both large and small projects not to spam, keep it real, and to pay it forward instead of creating company based circle jerks with their share. So I see one of NM’s main roles in the future as curating projects which add the most to the ecosystem and benefit others as much as themselves.

Some of this activity on NM will spill over into Hive and other Hive communities too! Some People like finance and wellness. Some like games and wellness, or sports or creativity. Most people are dynamic so there is so much room for collaboration and mutually beneficial projects.

An ideal LOTUS investor

This is just an example of the kind of investors we can look for. I don’t know enough about this organization to know if they’d ever be interested or financially able to invest in Lotus, but feel free to substitute them with another business/project/organization/collective.

WWOOF, or World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms is an organization that connects individuals who want to experience living on a farm with farms who can host them and provide them room and board.

Most people I know have heard of it, a few of them have tried it. I don’t know all that much but it seems to be a great way to get your feet wet with regards to organic farming.

You say “I want to farm” and they find you a farm. There is no payment between WWOOF, the farm, or the volunteer. It’s seen as a chance to gain a new experience.

Most people involved in WWOOF would fit right into Natural Medicine. Imagine if we could make ourselves known to these kinds of organizations and give them ideas about how to enrich the experience of their volunteers.

“Earn Lotus for sharing a blog of your WWOOFing experience. Our favorites will get 100% upvote. Check the tag WWOOF to connect with other WWOOFers around the world. Check out blog for more info at naturalmedicine.io/@.....:”

The tweet would look something like that.

Once again, not sure WWOOF could legally do that as a non/profit, but what about other organizations, businesses or community farms.

“Share your experience with the ——-community farm on naturalmedicine.io. Use the tag “—-“ if we like it will give you a 100% upvote. Earn Lotus to use at the Lotus Organic store or to exchange for other cryptocurrency.”

A hostel or restaurant could do the same.

My biggest concern for this is that NM could end up with a lot of advertisement-like posts. The way to counteract that though is through the NM account and Curators page. Projects that encourage more organic engagement and also interact in ways that bring others up will be promoted by NM and may even receive delegation.

We can start small by inviting people we know to start blogging on NM, not just for blogging itself but also to learn more about the ecosystem and see if they can incentivize some kind of growth in their community through staking and curating and connect with people who share similar values.

There may be some interesting ways that we can do cross promotion with other hive front ends like Creative Coin or Sports token or Weedcash too.

I think that the most potential for Natural Medicine can be found outside of the Hive ecosystem and that we will help Hive by focusing outward as well. That’s why I’m really glad that @riverflows got the NM Twitter and Instagram pages moving. Along with a more focused vision AND the fact that it’s easier to bring people to find a home in a specific niche than a hodgepodge of interests of the larger ecosystem, I think NM will be relatively easy to onboard onto. I also feel like a little push will convince our Hive community that buying a little Lotus and powering up then interacting directly on naturalmedicine.io sometimes can’t hurt.

Sometimes you are in the mood for finance and sometimes you are in the mood for wellness, sometimes sports and sometimes art.

I am personally getting ready to reach out to a few people I know who have lived in sustainable communities and also a few Facebook groups organized by certain life coaches to see if anyone would be interested in connecting with Natural medicine.

I have a lot of faith that the kind of people who hang out at NM have a decent amount of friends who share similar values and that those communities will be easier to onboard onto NM than random friends will be to onboard onto Hive by itself.

Go follow and like everything by NM accounts on social media and let’s get the ball moving!

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This is a very nice initiative as always and the community seems to be very promising

One of the problems I had with Leo is that I had zero knowledge of Crypto although I've been pushing myself to learn as much as possible since the beginning of this year.

This particular community seems to relate to personal growth according to the video you gave us yesterday so I may have one or two things to offer from that direction and probably grow into the main building of the community.

Now, organisations that may be interested to invest in this community would need to be convinced that they are putting their money in the right place so those of us that are already here can do our bit towards boosting the image of NM community.

Well Done ✅

I love what you say about 'doing our bit towards boosting the image of the NM community' - I do believe it's up to all of us to share, market, reblog, tweet, and create good content for the communities we like on HIVE because it helps people see that it's a great place to be! Onboarding is really important.

I find LEO finance hard too - that's why I appreciate the wealth of communities on HIVE. There's something for everyone. And yes, we appreciate personal growth posts, meditation, all kinds of things!

Thanks alot for making everything about this community clearer

The truth is that the more I know about it, the more enticed I am about being a full-fledged member of it.

I've already subscribed to it so, I will be getting involved with activities over there as Time goes On.

Well Done Bro

When I started here I made a few posts where I tried to take notes on what I was learning about crypto currency to inform people who knew even less than me and to check with people who knew more than me. I think it’s something anyone interested can try. I learned about the top 100 coins...now half of them are different 1-5 per post depending on how interesting they were. Now I have a lot to learn again too. For example I have no idea why polka dot is more special than the other coins trying to interchain stuff. No idea why chainlink is at the top of defi either. No idea why everyone wants “wrapped” coins. I got lazy with my research after a few months. 200 coins is enough for me to learn about haha

Anything related to growth and wellness is ok here 😃. Feel free to tag me if it’s a post you particularly enjoyed writing.

NM is already solid on the content front, just need to get the name out there which is why I joined, I know I can help this project grow

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From what I'm seeing, you're already helping the project to grow and you seem to still have a lot of things in store for them.

Your journey so far have been filled with optimism and the footprints you leave all over this place is the type that inspires people.

All those Crypto related stuffs are still a pain but it's still going to be better on the long run.

I really hope that NM community will grow very well. GoodLuck to you, to NM and to us

I think you're on to a good idea my friend. Even though I've never WWOOFed, I have many friends that have done it in various places around the world. If excessive advertisements were ever to become a problem, we could introduce them to HiveList.io for classifieds.

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wooooahhhh i didn't even know that was a thing! So many cool projects popping up :-D

I've never done it either. I hardly know anything going on but I feel like there are a lot of ways businesses could get involved in hive without making it all about just boring or spammy advertisements

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Well I'm glad you have a plan to mitigate the infomercial spam that I was thinking would inevitably arise as I was reading through XD

Good luck with all the connections and things :)

Right, there’s this tricky bit where the coin won’t be worth anything if people don’t invest in it and most people who have money to invest want to use that money to accomplish something so I’m trying to find a way where they will want to buy and not poop up the atmosphere

Always open to ideas.

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