Building A Worm Colony - Episode #4

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worm colony update, I have decided to use an older bin to add a 3rd to my room. I am needing this as I need more worm castings. I am also using more organic waste like fresh fruit and veg than the 2 bins are eating.


Bin #2
New Bin

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So where did you first get your worms?

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I got mine local, Got 75 from 2 people. I guess most people start with pound or 2 I started with only a few.

Weird, @3speak double adds the post on mobile🤔, Will have to edit on PC

This is actually pretty freakin cool. I've been getting into a lot more DIY stuff lately and loving it!

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Thanks, And nice, I love DIY and the Canadian government has push me to do more now than ever with these massive lockdowns.. for me to get castings I have to drive an hour a way.