Garden Journal Wrap Up: JUNE

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I am so sorry everyone for being so tardy commenting, sharing and upvoting posts, and getting this post together. It's been a helluva fortnight for me personally, so I've strugging a bit for June. Hopefully the August challenge will see me with both my green thumbs on the pulse of you all! Thanks so much to all of you for joining in, and I hope you enjoy this wrap up!

Of course, @plantstoplanks had to get cheeky with her garden post and very phallic looking tromboncino! She definitely wins the best thumbnail award, and the 'make River smile award'. Everything is exploding in her garden, and like me, she finds baby beans adorably delightful. You know you're a mad crazy veggie gardener when you feel such affectation for baby veggies that you can't help but gush and wax lyrical about their cuteness!


@sofs-su also delighted with her amazing flowering cactus! Her photographs and words really captured that utter joy we feel in nature, no matter what kind of plants we are focussing on. And look at that capture of a bee in the photo below! Wow! @nikv also shared their amazing succulent flowers, giving beautiful winter colour. I do love the architectural value of cactus - they photograph really well, don't you think?


@owasco's gentle and mindful observations about predators and plants meant that she discovered that sometimes it's not necessary to rush straight for the bug killers (no matter how natural). It's amazing to see how much her little garden has grown, and how her efforts to keep the bigger predators away is resulting in a pretty awesome and productive garden!


@buckaroobaby wrote about the hard work that homesteading demands. The romantic notion of a few chores in the morning followed by sitting around by the fire is definitely a lie! But the Buckaroo fam wouldn't have it any other way. Everything is busy busy as they prepare for winter.


To Brazil now with @polesinns - yet another gardener who only really became one because of the pandemic! Don't you just love the silver lining that this world adversity has created? I would love to drink caipirinha in his lovely garden, with fresh mint and lemons! And then of course there are cannabis and cats, and flowers to brighten it all up.


@andrastia's excellent post detailed what they've been doing to retain water in the soil and to have a more waterwise garden - something that's familiar to me down in Australia. Do you have any water wise tips?

@holisticmom has finally got rid of her cat problem and things are growing in her upcycled, repurposed, backyard veggie patch. Check out this ratcage garden idea - that sure kept that dastardly cat out!


Check out darling Bruno here under @porter's arch. And look at the lovely rhubarb leaf stepping stones! How creative! She's had a bit of a problem with moles, but her garden's looking awesome!


As usual @amygoodrich is the Queen of presenting gorgeous posts - check hers out here for inspiration, let alone her garden! Really looking forward to seeing Amy's upcoming post on what to do with loofah. I've never had luck with them, but I try every year!

One of my favourite things is seeing actually people in gardening posts - check out this gorgeous smiling @fanyokami! She's pretty happy with her pumpkins, and looks like she's getting that compost recipe right too. Like most of us HIVE gardeners, she's super happy in her garden! Your photo made me smile so much, @fanyokami!


Do check out @anafae's garden post here - the hammock and the outdoor shower look absolutely to die for! @tanjakolader wrote about the weather affecting market prices of vegetables and showed her garden battling on despite this. @yolithy24 also showed her garden - I particularly liked the pink flowers! @aswita also wrote a really interesting post on making your own growing media. Of course, I have to include this lovely picture of her as well. It's nice to see the faces behind the plants.


This month I'm really interested people's creative garden solutions, so @aswita's growing media and @andrastia's post about water wise solutions both win 5 HIVE from me! Congratulations.

Also, some super good news this week - @shanibeer has donated 50 HIVE and 50 LOTUS to the #gardenjournal challenge, so next week I'll be giving away 20 HIVE instead of 10, and possibly continuing that for the next 5 challenges. Thanks so much @shanibeer, that's a lovely thing to do!

With Love,


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I really love how you do these wrap up posts! 💜
I think I know better than anyone else how much time it takes to go through all the posts, upvote them, leave comments, etc, so I really admire that you take the extra time to make these personal, original wrap up posts every time.

Hey, I'm learning now about your community and I see some posts muted or hidden, but pined. I see also an old post of 2020 pined as well. I'm also running a community and I forget sometimes to unpin posts. Maybe you unpin them if you don't need them there ? Just saying. For me it looks stange that muted posts are pined. I hope to be helpful and not mistaken. ☺

I'm learning a lot from these garden journal posts, and producing them is inspiring me to actually do more. I dig seeing the international gardens, knowing the challenges others face that will probably never be mine. Thanks so much for running this journal challenge, it's one more of the many beautiful things that you do.

thanks so much gorgeous, a compliment is going a looonnng way with how I'm feeling at the moment! Loved seeing your inspiring garden post and the joy you are getting out of it!

I'll take the smile award any day. 😜 Too much fun looking through all these great posts. Totally understand how big of a challenge it is to make it through them all! Well done all. Can't wait to see as everyone's projects continue to progress! Thanks @riverflows!

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Aw, loved that photo of you! I realise it's more the people gardening, than the gardens, that i love! Or a bit of both. Either way, awwwwwwwwwww.

Thank you so much for including me and for the prize, you have totally made my day. I also so enjoyed these posts and must admit that the pic that @plantstoplanks shared made me chuckle too. Something that I love about Hive is not only learning, but being able to enjoy the sense of humour that so many of us share. Thank you @riverflows for curating and for everyone that submitted sharing ideas and stories. You all rock!

Oh yes, I love the laughs I get on HIVE, especially if I'm feeling down. And the garden laughs just make my day. You are very welcome!

That pic made my day, and I love nothing better than a sprinkle of humor in a quality post.

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It's so lovely to see the many gardeners and gardens of hive bursting with northern hemisphere summer goodness. I read some lovely posts and I like that we can share ideas and tips through these journals. Even those south of the equator, with winter in full swing, inspire with the beauty of their gardens and homesteads.

It's so lovely isn't it! And luckily I'm not as busy in my garden in the colder months so I can at least find some time to get this awesome challenge posted! Only a couple of weeks til the next one - eek!

Some amazing post here, Thanks for sharing this and putting it on for all the garden community, I missed this month but maybe we can get together and do a contest?

If so I'll hunt you down on discord👍?

Maybe, we'll see! I'm a bit busy and reluctant to stretch myself more than I'm stretched at the moment. Let's see in a month or two?

You need a snazzy logo for your avatar!

Lovely posts - delighted to be able to contribute in a small way.
Look forward to seeing everyone's gardens over coming months 😍

Thanks again @shanibeer, it really is a a lovely thing to do and we all appreciate your support. xx

Omg, thanks a lot @riverflows :)

You're welcome, loved that photo of you and I was inpsired by you making your own garden blend!

It's a lovely bunch of gardening posts! I can't keep up with all of them, I can imagine it must make you a bit crazy sometimes.

Thanks for the mention :) This month had great entries and I was glad to be able give some of them some extra love with Curangel upvotes

@nikv thanks so much for supporting gardeners through #gardenjournal, it's super appreciated! Curangel rocks, and I'm sure you've made many people's days. I loved your succulent photos and can't wait to see what you have for us in August!

Awww you're so sweet! thanks you @riverflows !! I'm always happy to see everybody being so connected with their plants and their gardens!! Thanks for all your work continuing this challenge, I love it!

Thank you for making this possible. It helps with helping finding a topic and also inspires people to garden more I hope.

Was also fun to read about other's situations regarding their plant life and how they dealt with it and/or see how their greenery flourishes.