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RE: Ayahuasca 🌱 The Experience to Healing Your Soul

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I smoked some DMT when I was on acid one time, absolutely one of the most spiritually drugs there is, I heard beautiful operatic singing as soon as I inhaled. I would definitely try this ceremony one day, I am just so anti social I am not sure if I would get along with the shaman or leader guys.

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Looks like you already got the hallucinogenic part of Ayahuasca down, as DMT occurs naturally in the leaves from the mixture. But you probably already knew that, hence the reference.

I'd say to bring a friend or 2 along who you are less anti-social with for support. That's what I'm planning on doing.

I just dont want to buzz kill anyone else trip when i say "Shut the fuck up I need to listen to what the princess is saying in that floating castle over there" LOL

😂😂 probably that the real princess is in another castle.

I'm sure the shaman have already seen it all with other people and their trips.