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RE: Not Sure What to Write About for A Natural Medicine Blog Post?

in Natural Medicine2 months ago

Thanks to @drrune, @trucklife-family, @minismallholding and @justinparke for these wonderful ideas and the valuable quality work they are doing. The community is growing, we are about to reach the goal of 3000 subscribers and I think this publication is important for newcomers. Wonderful! :D


Well, to be honest I didn't contribute much, I did in the first draft, but not this second one. Thank you, however, for the awesome vibe and that datum about subs, which is really a nice milestone!

Eres uno de los responsables de que la comunidad haya crecido como ahora, por eso siempre estaré agradecido. Abrazos. :)

Well you can always edit this and add a few more @drrune ..💛🤞🌹 Your work on the first draft helped very much!