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RE: Not Sure What to Write About for A Natural Medicine Blog Post?

in Natural Medicine2 months ago

How about an experience with a sick animal, a dog in my case? I followed the vet's advice (three drugs), the dog got much worse, so I went rogue and he got better. Would that story be of any interest or value?


Absolutely!!!! In.fact natural pet health is awesome. I will add it to this post!

I would love to hear about how you "went rogue." I know a friend of mine used CBD oil for her dog who had an inoperable tumor for years and so she dealt with a lot of pain, and it worked really well!

I hope to make a post about it. Have started. It will take a few days. First step was to take doc's diagnosis and figure out what to do about it myself. Most important steps so far were to discontinue dog food and the meds the doctor prescribed, and intermittent fasting. My dog got instantly much better, but he does have a liver condition of some sort, so now I'm focusing on liver rest and detox. We'll see.

Doc said with expensive medication he would live another 2 or 3 years. He's 9.