Community Challenge: Let's Get to Know Each Other!

About a year ago, we used to do a '5 question' interview with Natural Medicine members. It was a great way to get to know one another! This challenge has the same spirit - to encourage us to get to know one another and engage in the community, both on HIVE and in Natural Medicine. All you need to do is choose 5 questions from the 31 below, and write. Whether it's astrology, alchemy, herbalism, meditation or anything that helps you heal body, mind and soul - or that keeps you true to your path, you can write about it!


The questions below are from people within the Natural Medicine community, posed by @ganjafarmer, @lafe, @pavanjr, @drrune, @vicvperezdelara and @minismallholding - all who are set a beneficiary on this post.

You must answer FIVE of these questions. You can do more than one post (eg one question per post, or two posts with five questions each, or any variation that you think fits) but choose 5 to respond to.

  1. How did your journey in this path/with this practice began?
  2. How have you adapted this practice to your life?
  3. What do you think has been your most important learning during your process?
  4. Share some thoughts on how this path/practice could be beneficial for the community
  5. What would be your main recommendations for someone starting on this path/practice?
  6. What happened in your life that make you think "i HAVE to change my pattern" - what was that point of break?
  7. how this life pattern have changed your life? - how is your state of mind now?
  8. how you feel today with the changes? you look back and you feel you have changed or you feel the same? are you satisfied by your changes?
  9. what kind of practices conform your healing path and help you with the process? (yoga, herbalism, tarot, meditation, gardening, etc)
  10. What are your new mechanisms to avoid the old pattern? - like new thinking systems or new beliefs?
  11. do you think that taking marihuana in a recreational fashion counts as a natural treatment?
  12. do you think this boom of the natural is just another trend or is society really starting to wake up?
  13. Why isn't all medicine natural if everything comes from nature?
  14. Would you take ancestral medicine (yagé, kambo, yopo... ) with a non native person as your guide?
  15. Have you had trouble with any member of your family for having chose the path of natural medicine?
  16. Which are you most loved plants at home?
  17. Do you use natural medicine more than pharmaceutical medicine or do you have a balance?
  18. Would you dedicate your life to teaching natural medicine?
  19. Is it possible to live only on natural medicine?
  20. Is the study of natural medicine fundamental to all aspects of life?
  21. Do you think that taking marihuana in a recreational fashion counts as a natural treatment?
  22. do you think this boom of the natural is just another trend or is society really starting to wake up?
  23. why isn't all medicine natural if everything comes from nature?
  24. Would you take ancestral medicine (yagé, kambo, yopo... ) with a non native person as your guide?
  25. have you had trouble with any member of your family for having chose the path of natural medicine?
  26. What leads you to abandoning pharma products for natural ones?
  27. What's been the impact of the switch?
  28. Your feelings on the benefits?
  29. What plants do you prize for the results you see and can show?
  30. What other medicines are you looking into in the future?
  31. What have been the positives of your natural medicine journey?

We don't mind *how many questions you choose to answer!. All you need to do is write about your relationship wtih @naturalmedicine so we can get to know you better!

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We charge 100 LOTUS for each entry, which must be burnt to @null. This simply means you transfer 100 to @null as a transaction from Peakd wallet (click on the Hive Engine box on left hand side). Please post a screenshot of your transaction as a comment on your post. This helps support the LOTUS economy.

If you still aren't sure what this means, read the visual guides in the #helpfulposts section of our Discord or ask in the #help section of our Discord. We PROMISE it's easy!

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We only award full offerings if there are at least 5 entries each week.

  • 50 HIVE on offer for winning posts, spread out across the winners according to quality and judge's discretion. We may be able to offer more depending on the quality and amount of posts.
  • 100 percent upvote from Natural Medicine for eligible posts
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Greetings to the entire team that makes up @NaturalMedicine, I loved this challenge.

In this entry, I answered two questions and I am already working on the next ones, I hope this is the way and I am not deviating from the path, I am not sure how to make the transference, please if someone can guide me I will be grateful.

I share the link of my post:

I found a way to do it

Captura 1.PNG

Greetings to the @naturalmedicine community. Here I send you the receipt of the 100 Lotus for my participation in the challenge. Thanks to @alchemage for his infinite patience, and to @ auelitairene, @ riverflows, @drrune, for being so kind to me trying to help me by all means, I love you all.


For some reason, i'm La Fe in Discord, but my real artistic name, whose link will take you to an actual profile, is @lafeedekalarka XD

Nice contest!!! I hope the inspiration will come to participate


I like this challenge 😍

Cool initiative, I will try and take part sometime very soon.

I'm still confused about the challenges and I'm not sure I got everything right but I know I haven't partaken in many and this one I really wanted to write an entry for. I could probably write a couple of more for the same challenge, so much came up but I didn't want to write a too-long post.

Link to my entry:

And a screenshot of the Lotus transfer:
Screenshot 20200908 at 10.55.47.png


I love these kinds of questions because it makes you think deeply about your choices and your current life. In my particular case, I will choose 5 questions, the ones that I consider best suit me, and I will answer them. A big hug.

Can't wait!

Wow! Each one of these questions deserves a post of its own! Can't wait to write something :D

There is a lot to do here, I think this is good to keep growing in quantity and quality of items within the community. Besides these questions are ideas for us, having more things to write about is an impulse. I've chosen my 5 questions, now let's work on them. Thank you for this challenge, hopefully more people will join us. :D

Excited about your response!!

That's right, I'm already on it and I'll publish it today.

One question, when I send my LOTUS to @null should I put a description or not?

NOthing in description, no problem.

Lovely way to get to know those in our community better! Looking forward to reading the responses!
Here is my response to 5 of the questions and @zord189 's "Happiness Mantra" contest at:

That's so cool you did both!

Got it!! Great! Well done for persevering, trying to understand the rules! We loved your story.

Buenos días ¿podrían indicarme como hago para publicar mi entrada en el canal de post promotion de naturalmedicine en Discord?para el Community Challenge 😃 New Friends/Nuevos Amigos , Lo intenté y no me dieron permiso de entrar. ¿Debo estar registrada en PKD para poder participar?¿Como hago para pagar esos 100 lotus?

Good morning, could you tell me how I can publish my post on the post promotion channel of natural medicine on Discord for the Community Challenge 😃 New Friends/Nuevos Amigos? , I tried and they didn't give me permission to enter.
Do I have to be registered in PKD to participate?
How do I pay those 100 lotus?

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Oh, just via your Peakd Wallet!!! Click on the red HIVE ENGINE button on left, then find the LOTUS token and click send, and send to @null. You'll have to have some unstaked though.. x

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Thanks .. we will fix that, or you can count that as two haha!!

Also #11 and #21 are the same.

That's okay, just don't do the same ones haha!

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