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RE: Tobacco: Poison or Medicine? [Challenge]

in Natural Medicine9 months ago

I have never agreed with tobacco, I know many cases of cancer in family of friends. However, it would be interesting to know more about it, everything in excess is bad, even aloe vera. I have been curious


I'd love to hear more of the ceremonial and medicinal uses, as the only story I have is my own, which I just shared.

I'd love to hear more of the ceremonial uses

ceremonial? what do you mean?..

I'd be more than happy to write a post about it in Russia, about its historical aspects! but, 31 May? I could no way do it in a few days left :( pretty sadly! and i've got a lot of vintage stuff/foto to share, right on this subject.

I hope so!!! Amazing!!! Historical aspects sounds cool. Learning somuch already!