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The following is an exert from a chat i had with an old friend on Facebook. It has some intersting information in it.. you may find useful. If you are worried about catching corona virus then this is for you!

This conversation started from a link i posted to @dr-aruna 's 3speak video. It is about how to avoid getting corona or how to heal natrually from it it you get it. This prompted my friend to say:


Tell that to all the dead people, that had they drunk water and slept a bit more they'd be alive

When you are ill with covid EVEN NOW the hospitals send you home and tell you to rest.. unless you are on your death bed. There is NO medicine or vaccine that can cure this.. nor has there ever been.. those who are not strong and live unhealthy lifestlyle are the ones who get it..

If you are ill you need to take rest and get strong.. its not rocket science... and there are many natural tips and remidies that really do help to make you strong ·

Does that advice work for all viruses? ·

I think the point is that modern medicine has literally nothing to offer you for nearly all viruses.. one or two have vaccines but as we know even vaccines dont eradicate the problem.. THE ONLY way to have a best chance of being healthy is to BE healthy!~ keep ur immune system strong using natural medicine and not allopoathic medicine which just beats you down and makes you more ill and dependant ·

You cant stop covid in general any more than you can the common cold .. , but u can stop yourself from getting it ·

Let's say you're healthy but then you go and have unprotected sex with someone with HIV and you end up catching it from them and getting ill... Is that because you weren't healthy enough or because you didn't take precautions against catching it?

Well both really no? our bodies are BUILT to fight off these things.. thats what they do.. but only when they are healthy and strong is the body able to do it.. of course you never know for sure.. so for a healthy and strong person to have sex with an HIV person and think that is OK may seem like a stupid thing to do.. BUT they will be much less likely to get it than someone who eats shit, doesnt exervcise and leads a stressed out life ·

why is it a stupid thing to do? Are you really less likely to catch HIV if you're healthy and unstressed, or is that just your guess? ·

Its not a guess. at ALL. If u do ANY google search about immunity you will instantly learn what things help our immunity to be strong. THere are a zILLION factors.. todays world hammers our immunity including:
1. air pollution
2. stress
3 diet
4. lifestlye
5. emotions
6. taking almost ANY pharmaceutical drug or medicine and especially things like antibiotics
7. alchohol
8 smoking
9. etc the mosting important things are diet and our lifesetyle ·

yes I agree there are many factors involved in maintaining good health. At the same time, I think it's true to say that some viruses are more dangerous than others. I used the example of HIV because most people (including you) would agree that it's not worth the risk of catching if it can be avoided by simple protective measures. I don't know the risk of catching HIV for a healthy person. I think it's quite high. Anyway my question was really, why is it stupid for a person to have unprotected sex with someone who may or may not have HIV.. but at the same time you think people who are wearing masks and practicing social distancing are stupid for taking those precautions?

FOR HIV The risk of transmission is 8 per 10,000 exposures for women or 4 out of 10,000 exposures for men.. which is about 0.04%.. that means getting HIV not even AIDS.. SO as u can see the mainstream pushed against HIV was VERY dramatic and effective.. im sure you would never imagine that you can have sex upto 100 or 5000 times with an HIV + person and not get it! the same can be said for COVID.. the risk are actually quite similar.. if you are healthy.. it doesnt really matter .. for both HIV and COVID>> IF YOU ARE HEALTHY.. and indeed im not scared of either and dont take precutions.. (not that ive had the chance since a long time)

Now lets go down the rabbit hole of why these stats are meaningless on an individual basis.. because the raw stats without any correlation to epidemiology are just hogwash>>

What i mean is this! Let's look at those HIV stats again. They say that 0.04% of people exposed to HIV will get it and become HIV+ . BUT.. thats on average if you take all the health people, all the homosexual people etc. So if we want to know what the risk is for you personally.. you need to have epidemiology correlations. So if you do that you may come to know that lets see (made up figure) 90% of HIV are found in homosexuals.. and the other 10% are lets say people who are old or not strong already.. then you realise that actually you are basically safe to have unprotected sex and you will be fine.. (its not like that as the stats are different.. but it is in that direction..)

So now if we look at corona virus.. Its even more so the case.. much like the common flu. Have you seen any stats yet with numbers correlated to any epidemiology? No. you have to really search it out.. the numbers on their own are not the whole story. SO to understand you own personal risk or need to wear a mask.. you need to have that information. This is why so many people say wearing masks is just pointless.. and its more or less true. especially if you are in the group of people who are strong, fit, young and healthy etc. Because the masks dont stop all the virus coming in unless u have a radiation gas mask.. so over the course of a day shopping you still get enough viral load to infect you.. maybe a bit less but since people dont generally know how to use them, or handle them.. they may well be worse off.. and especially in damp or humid climates!.. and even if you are in contact with it you wont contract it since your immunity is strong! Masks are more important if you are yourself ill, and then wearing the mask will for SURE reduce the amount of virus that you put into the air.. although some people do debate whether that is even a problem. The only real sensible option is for those who are either ill themselves OR weak with low immunity to stay at home and be overtly cautious..

The idea of making EVERYONE do this is actually none sensical.. and i think Sweden have demonstrated this very well.. Their numbers are not crazy or super high as you might imagine they could have been when this all started off .. since its business as usual over there... and an intersting question / reason as to why you dont see more epidemiological correlation on covid is.. well what if i told you that the people who get are usually fat.. and what if i told you that if you smoke weed you are much safer.. and you are never going to get it! This is not so far from the truth.. and the simple one of getting it if you are fat is dangerous..(they say being obese increase the chance of getting it by 48% EVEN if you are vaccinated!) We would see fat people get shamed like never before.. it would be diabolical can you imagine how people would react to them? "

In Israel, the Medical Cannabis Network reports that researchers at the Israel Institute of Technology and their partners are working on two studies exploring the use of a cannabis terpene formulation, also administered by inhalation, in the treatment of COVID-19. The first study will focus on the effect of Cannabis molecules on the immune system, while the second study will investigate the ACE2 receptor and how the terpene treatment could prevent viral entry to human cells through this pathway."

Source: https://www.labmanager.com/news/could-cannabis-be-an-effective-treatment-for-covid-19-22518

So IMAGINE if the whole world discovers that instead of paying bill gates and his mates billions for his not very good or tested vaccines.. you can smoke some weed and its even better.. well imagine that anyways.. NO idea what im on about any more..or quite the point i was making. but hopefully you found it intersting! and unfortunately we will NEVER be able to get large epidemiological stats because doctors are paid to diagnose corona as a cause of death even if it had NOTHING to do with it... and testing is totally inaccurate.. so no one has a real clue whats going on.. intentional or not!


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The natural medicine community has lots and lots of remedies to offer for covid, yet our western med industry still has nothing. Could it be that they want us to think there is nothing, to keep us afraid? You bet. Fear leads to compliance and dependence.

I'm glad the comparison was made between corona virus/covid and HIV/AIDS. Both are medical toxicities, not viruses, and both were/are major con jobs in which people died who could have been saved, because of deliberate and controlled misinformation fed to us as truth. Oh don't get me started.

Great conversation, thanks for posting it.

Funny, today I over heard a television and trump bragging about a vaccine still 🤣 we have atleast a year until finally those who want it can try it out haha

That's true, a healthy one can easily get cured at home by simply following certain Instruction.....a good article or conversation ....enough to open the eyes for many.....rehive...👍

Yes this is something I have seen first hand. My mom in law is obese, and she is one we thought of when this all started to happen. Well sure as shit, she got covid, and she was close to dying. But luckily she was so bad off, she was a candidate for a new drug. It cured her! Which is another thing that amazes me, why are they not reporting this in the news? I forget what the medicine is, but it is not hydroxychloroquine.

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Thank you for having this conversation with your friend, @eco-alex - I too feel the power in our individually taking time to talk through these issues in our unique perspectives and languages, with those around us... The world will change organically, not rigidly or dictated by Man. 🙏 🙌 👏

As others have mentioned here, there are MANY alternative means of treating - and healing effectively! - C O V I D, which mainstream allopathy is utterly blind to.

Homeopathy has been used in some nations to treat extensive percentages of the population - with practically zero deaths. And plasmatherapy + high doses of Vit C or D have been used successfully - in Naples, Italy, a doctor was disciplined for curing folks with this method (WTF!)

Mainstream allopathic medicine - and our collective bondage to it - by default causes large amounts of people do go along with anything magic-pill-related: we've had our health awareness so very dumbed down, that we can't see that the allopathic approach ITSELF is causing unnecessary pain, suffering, worsening of simple illnesses, and even death. The convention of suppressing a fever is a prime example in relation to C O V I D.

We still see spending money and listening to 'authority' as a solution, no matter how much death and destruction it pours over us. It's mind-blowing, the perversity of it all.

I myself have personal experience of the profound effects of the use of the C O V I D homeoprophylaxictic nosode: all illness has meaning and has something to bring to us - Life and Real Health are NOT about fighting tooth and nail with nature - especially not with the nature inside of ourselves... I feel genuinely that we're waking up to this, and this is why there appears on the surface to be such a strong polemic between the natural and the allopathic... The extremes are important as a motivating force, like the darkest hour being just before dawn.

Much love, and gratitude for your post, Clare