The plants have settled into their new home


Photo by me

Blueberry looking strong


I have moved all of my growing stuff down into the basement now and have it all set up and the plants are doing great. One cool thing about the room they are in now is that the walls aren't painted with sparkly purple paint, so I will be able to get cooler pictures and not have to worry about the flash lighting up the walls.


Photo by me

This blueberry strain is starting to fatten up nicely now as well. It is starting to catch up to the bubblegum that has already been flowering for a couple weeks. It is supposed to produce some pretty heavy buds, so I am most likely going to be needing to support the branches soon to help with the weight.


Photo by me

The bubblegum is getting fatter and frostier each day. One thing I am going to be doing with the next batch of seeds I have is to track the dates better. I thought I would be able to just use my posts to track how old the plants are and how long they have been flowering, but I have learned that it gets out of hand when there are multiple plants at different stages. So I will be labeling each plant from here on out and keeping a log of its different stages. I figure that you can't be too organized when it comes to this stuff.


Photo by me

Overall, the plants are looking pretty healthy and are coming along quite nicely.


Photo by me

So let's talk curing. This photo above is of the first batch of bubblegum that I harvest a couple weeks ago. It is in the early stages of its cure and I will be curing them for at least 4 months.

From the moment the crop is harvested it begins to degrade as enzymes and aerobic bacteria break down excess sugars and starches. Curing cannabis essentially forces the plant to use up those sugars, starches and excessive nutrients before they’ve had the chance to dry out and get stuck inside the plant.source

Curing is one of the most important steps when growing cannabis and is one that a lot of people overlook. It sucks that people would spend months to grow their cannabis and then not take the extra time to cure it properly and get the full benefit of their hard work.


Photo by me

This is my northern lights harvest and it has been curing since January. I am glad that I have taken the time to cure this harvest properly because there is a major difference in the smell and potency from when I first tried it out in January.

Northern lights is one of my favorite strains that I have ever had and I am glad that I still have quite a bit of it. It has really helped with my pain and sleeping. I am definitely going to be ordering some more seeds and growing some more of them.


Photo by me

The critical purple has been curing for about two months now I think and the buds look awesome. I think these are some of my best shaped buds that I have grown and trimmed. There are some pretty large ones in there and I can't wait to try them out in a couple more months once they have cured even more. They do smell amazing though.

I have tried this one out a few times and it helps a lot with headaches and pain. It also has a really nice uplifting effect. I have almost an ounce of this one left and it should last me a while once it is ready.

I am a bit disappointed in the seeds that I have been trying to germinate. I think I got a batch of duds because none out of nine seeds have truly cracked open and pushed their taproot out. A few of them cracked and have a very small tail showing, but it never really extended out like the others in the past have.

I have been trying to germinate them for about a week now and the ones that did crack open, I put in some dirt and will be hoping that they do something. I placed an order with @bifbeans today and got a couple of their strains so hopefully I will have better luck with germinating their seeds and I will no longer be ordering from the other company I was going through. If they haven't sprouted by the time I receive the new seeds, I will just dump out the dirt and germinate the new ones.

Well that is it for the update on my grow for now. Hopefully I get some new sprouts in the tent soon, but until then I will just keep pushing forward with the three plants I have in my tent. Thanks for stopping by, you are awesome.


Man I’ve seen people dry out there weed in the microwave back in the day! Mind boggling how people would ruin all there hard work just for a quick buck.

lol. That is crazy. I bet it smells good tho if you nuke your buds.

Just make sure you let sit for 2 min after! lol

Nice that the northern lights is bomb looking, The long slow cure is for sure the best

Ya. That strain is one of my all time favorites. GSC is the best tho

they have a nice red hair color ;))

Northern Lights is my favorite too.

Great post and great pics! Glad you skipped the microwave :)

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