Random photos and getting ready for my vlog


Photo by me



I have been wanting to start a vlog for a while now, but have been too lazy to look for some of the chargers that I will need. I want to incorporate so many different things in my vlog, like drones, GoPro footage, recording with my regular camera and even my phone, and then editing it all together into one video.


Photo by me

But ever since my daughter moved her room into the basement and I had to move my office upstairs, I have not been able to find my drone charger or my GoPro charger, so I took some time to find them this morning and now everything is charging.


Photo by me

So now that everything is charging, I am going to be trying to figure out the content I am going to be recording. Of course, my pets with star in it.


Photo by me

I am also going to be showing stuff about cannabis and growing cannabis. I am going to be harvesting one of my plants over the next day or two, so I will be recording the process about that and talking about when to harvest and different techniques.


Photo by me

This is here is ready to go and more and more amber trichomes are popping up all the time.


Photo by me

I moved her to a dark tent where she will be for the next 24-48 hours. This will ensure optimum trichome creation and THC levels. Doing a dark cycle before harvest will make the plant soak up all the nutrients from the soil and water instead of relying on the lights or the sun to feed them.


Photo by me

The branches are getting pretty heavy and over the next 24-48 hours, I may need to tie them up for some extra support as the buds expand one last time.


Photo by me

One of the things that has worked for me with this latest grow is "lollipopping," or cutting lower branches off, my plants. Lollipopping is a pruning technique that when done properly, can increase your yields and potency of your plant.


Photo by me

Cannabis plants have a certain amount of energy in their life cycles, especially autoflowers. When you lollipop them and cut off the lower branches, the plant pushes that energy and nutrients that it would have sent to all of the branches, to the remaining branches.


Photo by me

With my next set of plants, I am going to have to learn how to use scrog netting properly. It is an amazing way to spread your canopy out and to evenly get light across your plant. It would have been good for the plat above that has a super tall cola because now that thing is going to be poking up near the lights, when I could have used a scrog net and made the whole canopy even so each part of the plant gets the same amount of lighting.

Well, that is it for this post. I need to do some work on intros and transitions for my vlogging. If there are any subjects you would like to see me talk about in my vlog, let me know. Thanks for stopping by, you are awesome.


When I read about you starting your vblogging again, I thought it would be a video of you doing something or speaking on any kind of topic but then I am a little disappointed that all I would get to see is your cat, and your plants.
Nevertheless, I await them. Bring it on!

Ya, I have all my cameras charging right now and I will be starting to make videos very soon. Hope to have you check it out once I get them uploaded.

Yeah sure! Are you doing that anytime soon by the way?

I am hoping to have one up tomorrow, but it all depends on how much other crap I have goin on.

Oh alright then!

No, I love randomness, so this is my perfect cup of tea! I will be interested to see you vlogs! Love your pets. They always make the best subjects.

Thanks. I recorded some earlier today so hopefully I can get it edited and post it. I am not much of a talker, so this whole vlogging thing is gonna be more challenging then I thought it would be. I could write easily, but trying to talk to a camera is dumb. lol

I did a couple videos with another person and only used a picture of me. I would never be able to vlog!! Good luck!!


Great shots of the pets. Your plants are looking good too!

Thanks man.

I've always thought about starting a vlog too, way to lazy to do anything. I would definitely subscribe to your shit, would love to see you talk about photography and gears and all.

I really like the photo of the second dog by the way.

Thanks. Photography is something that I will definitely be talking about in it.


where do I subscribe?

I think 3speak has subscriber options but I think it costs money to sub to people there. If you follow my page you will see when I post.

Okay boss.

Ready when you are.

Looking forward to some vlogs from you dude 🎬

Nice can't wait to watch the vlog, These plants are all looking good. Them lst clips look to do wonders.

Ya. I am happy with how this plant has recovered from the root problems earlier.

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