Planting some Big Mack seeds and prepping the shrooms for growth

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So many beans


A few weeks ago, @jonyoudyer announced that he has created a new cannabis strain that he named Big Mack and that he wanted testers to grow it. Well now that I have more space in my tent and my autos have progressed for a few weeks, I felt it was time to germinate the Big Mack seeds that he had sent me.

I got 7 seeds in total, which means that 3 or 4 of them should be females and will produce buds. There are only 6 seeds in the photo because one of them was already sprouting a huge tail last night, so I planted it already.

From @jonyoudyer's post

This here is the mother of the Big Mack seeds. It is a 50/50 balanced hybrid that Jon claims leads a bit more to the sativa side. I am pretty excited to grow these because I have never grown photos before. I am looking forward to being able to train them more during the longer vegetative state.

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I spent some time this morning cleaning up my grow space a bit. I took all of the plants out and scrubbed the walls and floor down with isopropyl alcohol and then let it air dry. You know what they say "A clean grow is a happy grow". I am not sure who said it, and it may have actually been me that just made it up, but it is true nonetheless.


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I placed the six remaining seeds in little potting cups and used the Fox Farm Ocean Forest blend in there. This is my favorite soil, but it can get expensive, so I am just going to be starting the plants in this and then adding them to larger pots filled with the Happy Frog blend.


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All of my plants are looking super healthy right now and the larger bubblegum is probably one of the healthiest plants I have ever had at this stage. I am excited to see if all of the training will pay off for increased yields.


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Now to my mushroom experiment. One of the things I was reading about the mushrooms is that it can take 2-3 weeks for the substrate to be covered in white like this, but we are on like day 9 and all of the soil is covered, so I figured it was time to move to the next step, which is covering the soil in coco coir.


Photo by me

So I covered the soil with a light coating of the coco coir and gave it a good spritzing with water to moisten it up. Spray water on it coats the soil a lot more even than just pouring water on it and you need to be careful not to overwater because then it will increase the chances of mold, which would contaminate the whole grow operation.



So now that I have the coco coir in the tub, all I need to do now is to keep it moist and in about a week or so, my mushrooms should be ready. I need to keep an eye on the caps and make sure to get them before the veil pops. I have read that you want to do this because you don't want the spores to cover the substrate.

All in all, there are some pretty exciting things going on in my grow room and I am looking forward to seeing how it progresses from here. I have another grain bag that I was going to start last night with some Golden Teacher spores, but the bag had a rip and was contaminated, so I contacted the company and they are sending me a replacement. Hopefully I don't need to wait too long to get it.

Growing mushrooms is a process that is a lot longer than I thought it would be. This whole process has been awesome to learn though and I am looking forward to continue learning.


You can make your own dirt, instead of paying somebody else a fortune to do so and put it into a colourful bag :P
Find out the ingredients, buy them in bulk, and mix yourself in a large container. Kind of like cooking for yourself... you end up with a better product for less money.
Nice shroom setup :) I used to produce golden teachers. Been a long time though.

I have been looking into that as well. I am probably going to start making my own grow medium pretty soon.

Looking great man! So happy to see the 100% germ rate! These will throw fire out.


Here is the mother grown without being seeded.

I can't wait.

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Hey great write up! I always look forward to these posts to see how the progress is going. It's super cool to watch! Anyway. Great stuff keep it up!

Thanks homie. Hopefully I can harvest a lot so we can make some cool stuff with it.

Plating some Big Mac? That sounds tasty af.

It's gonna be fire

Well before some attention seeking took over this post, forgot to even say that I’m proud of your rapid growth and development as a grower. Great work!

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Thanks man. I appreciate it. I muted that loser so his comments shouldn't show on my stuff anymore. If the mute option isn't busted still.

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I'd like to teach you an old trick. I'm going to assume you can legally grow magic mushrooms. Dig a hole in your yard [a friends yard, the woods etc.] and throw some extra vermiculite, perlite, brown rice flour etc [all the stuff you used]. Then when you get a patch of mold or a bad delivery you can just plop it into the ground and you might get some growth each spring[ and the tub AFTER you grow]! Especially if you check what ZONE you live in and if its the same as where they grow wildly.

As far as the actually indoor grow you are doing .. it looks excellent. just make sure to spray quickly and also keep an eye on the top inside of the lid. For some reaason droplits from the top of the lid get contaminated somehow. If you get any mold [even after the first flush] just throw it out. Some sites will say you can cut out mold and just put in more vermiculite... but trust me: It's a losers game to try and remove even a tiny bit of mold. That's why it's good to have an outdoor hole... you feel less guilty throwing it out.

Phew that was a mouthful ... you are doing great for a beginner!

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Maybe one day you can be a tester for someone trying to put in work to actually contribute something to the community instead of being such a dick.

Highly doubtful

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