Gonna be ready for harvest soon


Photo by me

Look at those trichomes


My plants have been progressing quite nicely the past few weeks. Especially this bubblegum that is going to be ready for harvest in another week or two. I may have harvested the last one a bit early, so I am going to let this one go a bit longer and get a lot more amber trichomes all over it. Especially since I am going to be putting it in the dark tent again for the last 48 hours.


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This past week has been pretty shitty for crypto in general, but I have been trying to keep my mind off of the markets and how much money I am down. So good thing that I have so many things going on with my grow room.


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I started germinating some new seeds like 5 days ago, but they haven't cracked open yet and I am wondering if I killed them while I was germinating them. I had been using a heating pad to keep the last few rounds of seeds warm while germinating, so I figured it would be find for these ones. I forgot about how hot is was getting here and that the seeds didn't need the extra heat and when I checked them about 24 hours after I started germinating, the paper towels were pretty hot, so I might have cooked them to death.


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It has been a few more days and nothing. I started germinating some more seeds in a separate paper towel and I am going to see how those have done tomorrow. This time without the extra heat. I started one more Sour Kush, one Pineapple and three Cheese. All of those strains look pretty good and I am looking forward to trying them out. That is if they actually crack open.


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I got my package from the @bifbeans homies today. I can't wait to get the tent spreaders on my tent and see how much space it opens up. I also ordered more of the super croppers. I am excited to use the branch spreaders too. With the new plants I am starting, those will come in handy when I chop the tops off and use them to spread the branches out in different directions so I can have a nice even canopy.

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I can't wait to use this new scrog netting too. Right now my plants just kind of do whatever they want and there is no real training going on.


Photo by me

As you can see with the ones in the back, their tops are super tall and all over the place. My plants have bed head or something. With the scrog netting, I am going to be able to have a nice even canopy, especially with cutting the main stem off and forcing the plant to have like 4 main stems that grow out and not up.


Photo by me

I bent this one down a bit ago, but it was mainly just to try and bring nutrients up into the main cola and grow fatter nuggets, but if it does grow some big buds, I think it will weigh itself down. With proper training early on and use of a scrog net, I will be able to make sure that all the branches have good support.


Photo by me

This other one is pretty tall as well, but it should do a lot better at supporting weight since I trained it earlier on and it was able to grow up straight again. I am curios to see how big the buds will become on this plant too because I chopped off a lot of the branches early on and I think it only has like 5 branches now, so all the bud producing energy will go into those branches, instead of the 10 or more that it had before.


Photo by me

This one is still doing awesome and I think it won't have much trouble supporting the weight of the big buds that it is making. Over the past few months, I have learned so many different things with growing and I think my plants look better than they ever have.


Photo by me

Tomorrow I am going to be moving my grow room down into one of the rooms in the basement. It is getting way too hot here to keep these upstairs. It will be nice to have my grow room downstairs where I have my drying room now and where I am cold curing the stuff I have already harvested. The Northern Lights and Critical Purple that I harvested a couple months ago is amazing now. They have gotten so much better over the past couple months of curing.

Well, I have to get going. I have a lot to do around the house. My wife is visiting family in Oregon right now and will be starting a new job on Monday, so I am trying to get as much done around here as possible. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my post. You are awesome.


Yummy! <3

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They sure are.

The plants look great! That really sucks about the seeds though. Hopefully they germinate still, but I agree... they are probably dead 😔.

Probably. Oh well. I can always get more.


Nice job ;))


Looking great man! And I think I’m going to do my best to not even look at the markets. Crypto is going no where, and it seems it comes back even stronger each time.

WWow amazing shots and great post.
I enjoyed it so much. Thanks for your sharing 😎

Thanks. What part did you enjoy?

I love the way you telling detail about your plants
It can be seen how much effort you put into taking care of it. Planting trees is one of my hobbies, I even talking to them every day :)
And I enjoyed your photo too. That look amazing ❤️✌️

Thanks. They are a lot of fun. I want to get more into planting trees too. I would love to have some fruit trees in my yard.

That sound good. I looking forward to seeing your next posts about trees 😎

You take care of it very carefully. What tree is this?


The plants looks good.. happy harvesting..
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