Checking on the trichomes


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Frosty goodness


I have one plant that is almost ready for harvest. This bubblegum strain is about a week or so out from being ready for harvest. As you can see, a lot of the trichomes have that milky color to them, which means it is in the last stages and the THC levels are becoming ideal.


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The buds are not as big as I was expecting them to be, and I think this is mainly due to the fact that I recently transplanted it to a larger pot after it getting root bound in the smaller one.


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Hopefully over this next week the buds start to fill in a bit more, but if they don't at least I learned that 3 gallon pots are too small for these plants since they grow so fast.


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I am going to be watching the buds closely over the next week for the amber color trichomes as well. The amber trichomes produce more of a relaxing body high, which is good for pain and sleep.


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When the plant is covered in milky trichomes, that means that it is at its optimal THC level, but when CBN, which gives more of a relaxing and well rounded high. It is really up to you when you want to harvest at this point and make your cannabis stand up above others. I like to have a well rounded plant that has a good mixture of milky trichomes and amber ones.


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I do not like a very strong head high as much as I like having a nice relaxing one. My mind goes crazy all day long and I like to be able to tone it down a bit with cannabis, so having a good mixture of THC and CBN is ideal for what I want to get out of my cannabis.


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I am going to harvest a couple branches off this plant today though so I can start drying and curing it. I want to do a test on how different the effects are from when I harvest the same plant at different times. One of the things I like about growing my own cannabis is being able to experiment with it and not worry about wasting any of the plant. When I go to the dispensaries here, I pay between $55-$70 for an 1/8 of an ounce, so it can get very expensive to cook or experiment with.


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I have been getting 1 to 2 ounces per plant lately, so it is a lot better for me to grow my own. I was hoping to get 2 or more ounces from this bubblegum, but I don't think I will. I may only get like an ounce, but it is still better than paying $300 or more for an ounce at the dispensary here.


Photo by me

Thanks for checking out my post and my plants. I have been having a blast growing my own cannabis. I want to take about a month or so off from growing once the Big Mac is harvested, but I dont think I will be able to because I finally got some new seeds in the mail a bit ago so I have three new strains to grow. I want to get some more photo period seeds as well so I can grow some of the more famous strains like Girl Scout Cookies, Granddaddy Purp, and Pineapple Express.


Hell ya man she looks beautiful! 😍 Its unfortunate it may not yield as well as you had hoped, but like you said, at least you learned.

Last week: "I'm going to take about a month off"
This week: "oh! new seeds. Time to grow!" haha.

Also a hell yea to the GSC! I'm not sure if I have tried the other two though.

Hopefully there is a decent amount. I cut two branches off to start drying, so hopefully that makes the other buds fill in fatter.


I bet it helps!


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Fantastic prices and cool photos too. Do you use a macro lens? 😍

Thank you. I was using a 100mm macro lens for these shots. Some of them I had extension tubes on as well to get a bit closer.

Extraordinary brother @derangedvisions. And The Angle of View is perfect. Thank fo sharing.

Love that color!

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Thanks homie. Hopefully they are decent buds.

Those plants look scary.. for some reason they remind me of spiders, lol

Don't be a scared little baby. These plants are good for you.

I Like the pictures, i love it :)

Thanks homie

I got high just looking at this post. Sweet!

Sweet. Then it worked.

Stunning but somehow thrilling. Maybe I watched too many alien movies 😁