Another round of germinating


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Time to get another grow underway


Now that I have harvest my first plant, the next Northern Lights is going to be ready for harvest in about 2-3 weeks. I have space for two more plants in my tent, so I am starting to germinate a couple seeds. I also bought some different size mesh pots to grow them in. I was using 5 gallon pots, but I have moved to 3 gallon pots for these next plants.

I have read a few different places that the pot size you need is about 1 gallon per month that the plants will be growing inside them. Since I am growing autoflowers, they have a shorter "life span" and will be done growing and ready to harvest in 3 months or less. My autos don't get as big as normal cannabis plants, but they are perfect for growing indoors, plus their quick lifecycle makes it easy to grow a lot of different strains and I don't have to worry about having separate tents for veg and flower.


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I have been trying to make sure I am being a lot more careful with sterilization and cleanliness as I continue with my growing. I am sick of picking through my buds to get cat or dog hair out of them. I am also making sure to use tweezers to touch the seeds and using isopropyl alcohol to disinfect the different surfaces and stuff.


Photo by me

For germination, I am using the tried and true paper towel method. I have tried a couple different techniques, like submerging the seed in water for 24 hours and then putting it in a damp paper towel, but nothing has seemed to work as well as just putting the seed in a damp paper towel, putting it in a Ziploc bag and then covering it for a few days.

The seed in the pictures is Blueberry strain. It is an indica dominate strain that is supposed to be awesome for sore muscles and for pain. It also helps with insomnia, depression and migraines. All of which I could use a bit of natural medication for.

The other seed I am germinating is Bubblegum. It is an awesome indica dominate strain that will get the creative juices flowing and can give you a very strong relaxed feeling. This strain also has an anti-nausea effect, which makes it great for people that are going through chemo treatment.

I am pretty amazed at all of the different medical benefits in each strain. Cannabis really is a great tool for treating so many different ailments.


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My Northern Lights strain is almost done drying and ready to start the long curing process. I am glad that I have the next few days off from work so that I can monitor it closely as I start curing it and make sure to air the jar out when needed.

I was able to harvest 36 grams from this plant and it fills up a medium sized mason jar. The nugs smell so good right now too and they are going to smell even better as they cure. Right now they have somewhat of a cucumber smell to them.


Photo by me

The colors on these nugs are pretty cool. There are so many orange hairs all over them and they are super frosty and sticky. I can't wait to try this strain out in a little over a month because I have never had Northern Lights, but I have heard amazing things about it.

Hopefully my soil is delivered in the next two days so that I can get the pots ready for the seedlings. Thanks for stopping by my post. Stay tuned for more as I continue my journey as a cannabis grower. I also have a pretty cool announcement coming in the next few days or so for my next project I will be working on. It involves these little guys below.




Whoop whoop!

I'm not a Northern lights fan.. that Bubblegum sounds great. 36g is a nice haul.. thats a auto right?

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36g is super decent for an auto fem.

I still like to get them germinated in soil, but there's a 20% failure rate on my side. I also started germinating some CBD seeds just for shits and giggles.