Almost ready


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Another couple days


A few days ago, I noticed that the trichomes on this lady were nice and cloudy, but there weren't any amber trichomes yet. I prefer a nice combination of THC heavy cloudy trichomes and CBN heavy amber trichomes.


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Well I am happy to see that there are more and more of the amber colored trichomes appearing each day. I also started cutting some of the lower branches off in hopes of increasing bud production up on the higher branches and it has been working. The remaining branches are starting to fatten up with some nice sized buds.


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Over the next few days, I am sure they will get even larger. So hopefully I can get close to two ounces from this plant when I am done harvesting and drying.


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I am pretty excited to try out this bubblegum strain because I have never had it before.


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The rest of my autos are flowering now as well and in the next couple weeks, I will be watching their trichomes closely to find the optimal time to harvest them. I have been doing a lot of training with these ones lately as well. I cut most of the lower branches off of the one that just barely started flowering.


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These younger plants are doing a lot better than the plant that is about to be harvested. I feel this is mainly due to the fact that I caught them before they got root bound and transplanted them to bigger pots earlier in their flowering.


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I was having some problems with my humidifier earlier today. It was shutting off like there was no water in it, so I turned it off for a while and cleaned it up hoping that it was just a dirty sensor. Hopefully I don't have any more problems with it because it is so much nicer to have an automatic humidifier because the other one I had to go in every few hours and turn it on or off depending on the levels.


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Well, that is it for this update. I am hoping to start doing some grow log videos and posting them to 3Speak. Yesterday, @skylinebuds posted this SkyBuds Organic Grow Room Series - Episode #3 that was pretty cool. I think it is cooler to see video of people's grows instead of just seeing videos.

I am working on some pretty cool video effects that I want to go in my videos that will hopefully be pretty trippy, but I still have a bit of learning to do with the program I will be using. I am hoping in the next week to be posting some of the video grow logs and have fun with them.

So if you have any questions you would like answered in the video series, let me know so I can include them. It would be cool to make it an informative and fun series.


Forgot to comment this last night, but you really have some skill growing this plant, or anything for that matter! So cool to have known you here for all this time, and to see you contribute so much to this part of the community the last few months has been something cool to watch.

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I appreciate it man. It has been so awesome being a more active part of the cannabis community here. I am learning a lot from others here and I attribute a lot of my success in growing to the knowledge of others here.

It's getting there and so far its looking pretty damn good!

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Ya. I can't wait to try it out. It smells so good already.

Man, that looks like some good stuff, and a fun hobby growing it! Very cool. I found some phenomenal med grade stuff here in Thailand, beats the hell out of the usual brick Thai stuff. Good to see you are enjoying yourself and good luck with the video project. From Koh Phagnan Thailand - Dan

That is awesome. One of the things that I have been looking at when considering moving to Thailand was if I would be able to get any cannabis there. I don't want to break any laws there, but if I can get legal medical cannabis, that would be ideal. There are some amazing strains coming from over there.

Yes, in Chiang Mai you can now go to a doctor and get medical weed...Um I mean marijuana hahaha.
This is a very new and recent change here, so I don't know how many hoops you'd have to jump through or how expensive it is, but I'm sure you can find out a lot more with a google search. Here on the island of Koh Phangan people smoke the stuff in public at the beach and there are "reggae bars" that must do deals with the police to stay open. I never smoke in public, don't need to take unnecessary risk. If you do get in trouble here it could be very very bad, but more likely an on the spot bribe taken for several hundred dollars then let go. Either way, a very scary experience and getting the medical pass would be the way to go.

Plants and looking fantastic,

Thanks for the shoutout. I love videos you can really explain things better and show the plants off better.

What program you using? I just use power director on my phone but I think next week I am gonna get the one for PC.

For some of the effects I will be using MoshUp, but for the main editing, I will be using Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. It is a lot more work for me to create videos than just taking some photos, but I think it will be cool to start doing more videos as well.

Yeah, I have been thinking of ways to add different things to the video that's why I wanna start using desktop app,

Lovely close-ups for the plant! I think that a trippy style kind of a video would be awesome for this!

Thanks. I am still working on perfecting the video work for these. Hopefully I can get it up soon.

She's looking beautiful sir! To be honest I never really knew much about the anatomy of Cannabis plants and this has been cool to see.

This looks sexy.

Hi, anscheinend trifft deine Beschreibung in vielen Bereichen auch meine. spez. das mit der Musik :-)