Cannabutter: step by step. To help relaxation, pain relief, sleep aid.

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Hello again dear members of Natural Medicine community and all Hive. As I said in previous posts, I have been trying to grow Cannabis for almost a year now, learning every day new things about these plants, and reading about what to do and how to do it. Given the fact that my plants come from seeds that I had been picking before from time to time, I didn’t perfectly know which of my plants were to be male plants and which of them were going to be females.


Sometimes is hard to get the plants into the perfect conditions they need to be female, so as I am a beginner, some of the adult plants that I have, are turning to their sexual phase, and I am noting that some of them have “male flowers”, alongside the female flowers as well, and if I let them develop fully, the pollen sacks or female flowers will pollinate the female, giving me a lot of seeds and taking me from harvest only mature female flowers, which is the whole point of cultivating cannabis.

As I keep finding my hermaphrodite plants or male plants, I put them aside and then chop them eventually, with a lot of grief because I have been taking care of them for months now, and I have developed a connection with them by watering, and watching them grow and so on. I have a complete post about me finding that I have a male plant, and turning them into an infusion, but a fellow blogger noted very eloquently that I didn’t mention the cannabutter, a great option that I can make out of the dried cannabis plants I’ve chopped and taken aside. Below, you can see the male plants I cut down because I discovered their male flowers, and maybe you can see these flowers in my hands, like tiny green pollen sacks.



So I thought it was a good idea to obtain the benefits from these plants, making some cannabutter, and adding it to my diet, because I have read about the multiple benefits of cannabis-infused food, especially used to help relax muscles and the relief of some types of pain.

In my family, my grandpa and mother have rheumatoid arthritis (RA), and they are in a constant struggle with pain in their joints. Sometimes I have a similar pain in my knees, hands, and neck, and this is why I have decided to help myself a little bit with this natural alternative.

I took an amount of dried cannabis with the recently cut one and put it in the oven to “activate” the essential oils contained by the plant. I preheat the oven at medium to low flame, and then I put it inside the cannabis, and wait for approximately 45 minutes.



One is ready, I take it out of the hoven and wait for it to cool down. Then, I place a big pot full of water on the stove to boil, and on top of it, I place a smaller pot with around 150 grams of unsalted butter. I add the dried cannabis as well in the butter, cover the small pot, and let it in this “bain-marie” for around 2 ½ hours, refilling the boiling water once in a while to make sure our big pot doesn’t get dry.






When it was ready then, I strained it until I got rid of any small particles that were inside of the butter. I took it to the fridge for couple of hours, until it gets the normal texture of butter, with this beautiful green color, and I am already curious and ready to taste it.

You can try this at home with few ingredients, with dry cannabis leavess, steams, or directly with the flowers (male or female), it depends on the result that you want. If you want to help with pain relief, sleep aid, and muscular relaxation, I recommend you to use the Indica variety also.






I will try to incorporate this butter consciously into my daily meals, like toast, pasta, and maybe on some cake or cupcake that I will make. I think that because of the amount of cannabis that I used (almost 10 g), and the proportion with the butter, my cannabutter is potent and I think I don’t have to use much of it when I cook, so this way is healthier to consume it in small amounts to feel good and not have a head high but instead body and mind relaxation and pain relief.

I hope you find my recipe creative and maybe it encourages you to try this alternative and to take down the stigma around this healing plant, with properties that can be used to help people everywhere that are in constant pain because of some types of conditions, to maybe give them a new sense of relief, and therefore improve their quality of life in general.

Nice to be able to have this platform to express and share with you all, until next time.




Nice ;)) interesting ;))

Thank you Sr.!

There you go! That's is great you are putting your plant to great use.

Yes! I took the time and dedication to watch my plants grow, so I won't just throw them away.

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It is a pity that cannabis are illegal in my country, because I would also have such breeding and this butter. I see great potential in cannabis and their healing properties. In my opinion, it should be possible to grow them all over the world, at least in small amounts (although I think it should be without restrictions). Maybe it will be possible in some time.

Nice post. I love cooking with pot. From my experience you should decarb(activate) the cannabis for 60 minutes at 240° F to get the best result.

Thanks for the specific tip, and for taking the time to visit my post, it is cool that you liked it.

It's a very original idea, I was wondering what they did with the male plants and I see you can make infusion or even better cannabis butter.

Yes, indeed. Thank you for taking the time to read.

I thought cannabis are drug 🤔. Didn't know that it has that much medication value. Like your ideas. Thanks for sharing your work. Keep growing in hive

Thank you for the interest and the suppoort! regards.

Very interesting post to learn how to start getting into eadibles. Thanks for sharing. Good process photos.

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Thank you for appreciating my post and for sharing those kind words.